• I have th same problem i need help to!!!
  • u have a wireless connection right? if so is the wep set on your psp to match the wireless connect? first make sure ur wlan switch is on..then goto network settings..all the way left on the XMB very infastructure mode.. then "set up new" then "detect wireless connection"...find the wireless connection that belongs to your house hold...or one with good signal strength that's not wep protected..the weaker the sig. strength the longer it'll take to log on.after selecting your wireless connection, you'll be asked to input the information for the connection. (ssid is the name that appeared in the wireless search with %signal strength. wep is a password needed to access that connection, and you must have it...access your routers IP address in the address bar of a web browser..may need username and password to gain entry to your router's configuration. once inside look for wireless security...inside should be your wep key:series of letters and numbers:) enter that into your psp's wep box don't choose custom for any of the following options or you'll need even more information...just choose "easy" set up afterward you've reached the end of the set up it'll show a summary of the info you entered...SCROLL DOWN THERE and choose "Test connection" within a few moments it should say "successful" if you've entered everything correctly...if it doesn't work go back and double check your WEP key, you may have missed a number or should have no problem logging on after that...if it still times out, get closer to your can use the "Detect wireless connection" mode mentioned earlier to find where your signal strength is the strongest at...Hope this helps you. good luck

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