• Of course they mean something. Are they signs of the future? No but they are your thoughts and experiences and senses, so yes if not for dreams to sort things out our minds would burn up. Your mind does not stop working when you sleep if it did your body would not know to breath and you would die. Dreams give the mind something to do when the body requires sleep and rest.
  • yes, but the meaning of dreams is personal to that person, and only that person who had the dream can find the meaning in it. a lot of times it is our subconcious bringing to the concious something that we have been pushing aside or denying.
  • Of course they mean something. It's usually just our moods--although, not always, as I could be quite happy and still have a nightmare (I have them every night--never had a good dream that I know of). Or perhaps our subconscious is trying to tell us something (we can only interpret our own dreams), like how we really feel or something. As for dreams of the future, I've heard of it happening, though I've never had one. I read that sometimes peoples' subconsciouses put two and two together more quickly than their conscious mind, so they're dreams predict the future sometimes. Future-telling dreams without any warning signs, well, I don't know--I would say if people have had such dreams (and I heard a girl who did once--something mundane though) that we'd have to just say "okay" and believe it; most people don't believe it because THEY haven't experienced it, and just because THEY haven't, that doesn't mean it isn't possible. We may not know for sure until someone who has dreams that predict the future every night comes forward for us to study. The dream dictionary meanings you find are usually just silliness. The archetypes you read are interesting, but they hardly seem to mean anything to post people. They're just fun.
  • Dreams mean a lot to some people and very little to others. I personally believe dreams are one of the many means God communicate with his believers. Many of my dreams have occured in reality and they still do. So I think God uses dreams to warn people of upcoming events.
  • Most dreams are just random electrical firings in your brain and your brain being the analytical tool that it is tries to make sense of it but most times they don't make sense and I don't think they mean anything. However, I have had premonition dreams that came true and I believe some people have prophetic dreams.

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