• white supremacist... since i was a kid i have been watching disney and now i will NEVER look at a black girl as a princess :'(
  • Most Disney stories were adapted from legendary fairy tales. There aren't many black characters in fairy tales because they are European based. That however, doesn't excuse Disney for not being more balanced in the last 20 years or so.
  • it's not like anybody did it on purpose. they had fairy tales known by the western world. it wasnt for politics. so what. geez find me a good story that we can bring in the eyes of the western world and maybe they'll take it up.
  • Pfft, they've had a Native American and an Arabian so it isn't as if they're all white.
  • Jasmine is Arabic, not all of them are "white" cutouts. As many have said already, the fairy tale princesses are adapted from old stories from German or European decent that have been around for a LONG time. Don't blame Disney for animating well-loved fairy tales accurately based on what the story said the princesses looked like. (Most of them are blonde, I wonder if she noticed that also)
  • I think it would be cool if there was a black princess. It doesn't offend me, but if I had a daughter of African descent, I am sure it would enter my mind that it was sad none of the princesses she saw looked like her.
  • Well, there are princesses that aren't "white", but the ones that come to mind had very strong Caucasian characteristics. Yeah, they should have perhaps presented a more ethnic group of women to be 'princesses', but I also feel the princesses should be stronger. I hate that they never seem to get out of their own problems and always have to be saved. Just because a woman is strong doesn't mean she isn't feminine.
  • what about the one on aladin and the indian one they are not white
  • Well they certainly have a lot of princesses of different ''nationalities'' like Mulan, Jasmine, Esmeralda or Pocahontas although granted, they all pretty much look white, are not all princesses and there are no genuine black ones, but we can't say they don't try. I do like Disney, but they have to keep it mainstream and general for it to stay popular, and nobody's going to want to see a Disney cartoon about a Hindu princess eradicating the laws of forced marriages from her culture in the name of true love. I think that would actually be a great idea, but things like The Prince and I really wasn't as successful. :/ I mean, they have to stay in the norm somewhat, using shocking ideas but all the while in a way that they remain harmless and ''cute''. Still, that doesn't mean we couldn't have a black princess. :( Up yours Disney. XD Although The Hunchback of Notre-Dame was really pushing it, with the villain sniffing Esmaralda's scarf and telling its viewers about the darker side of religion. But that's why I love that one, for Disney it was pretty risqué and mature. I still like most of the Disney princesses though, at least I did when I was little, kinda embarrassing to admit now, but...XD some of the movies still stir something in me once in a while, kinda nice to know that the stereotypical idea of romance strongly presented by Disney has left my reasoning, but also nice to know that some of the harmless yet engrossing magic hasn't completely left me either, if that makes any sense. XD
  • Most of the are white, obviously. But not all of them. Jasmine. Mulan. Pocahontas. I've heard of their being made a new Disney movie in which the heroine is *gasp* black. But it won't be around until 2010 or after. Disney is recently been making more attempts to become more ethnically diverse.
  • Angelina goes nuts trying to stay popular while on materniny leave, sucking problems out of a finger... She better watch Disney Channel more often. There is no any racial problem there - everyone is involved, just like in contemporary America. Angelina is so narrow-minded, that she wouldn't even realize, that all those characters are old, coming from ancient stories, that existed far before American multiculturalizm. Oh, let her be, this lunatic.
  • FIrst of all, Just because Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, r princess in a movie don't make them black, jasmine is arabic, Mulan is asian, Pocahontas is indian, they are people of color but they are not black.. All the years I have been watching disney channel they haven't been putting in any effort to make a black princess for about 20 years. And as a person of color and being young, I was ashame of my skin because I felt that I was to dark to be as beautiful as those princess.. Even if my mother say's that Im beautiful no matter how dark, what color, etc.. And now we just getting a black princess... So don't criticize Angelina for being a MOTHER ...... She wants to teach her daughter that (everything that she's not, is everything she is) And being black is beautiful, just because her family is of different ethic groups... No One is better then one another, we all created equal.....
  • People make issues out of nothing..It would have been offensive if they said that we don't want to make black disney princesses...Somethings are not intentional...And they don't have to make a black princess JUST TO prove that they are not racists.
  • Angelina Jolie has done more to make females sex objects that just about anyone recently...typical Hollywood blathering about things that she is not qualified to preach about...
  • maybe she has a point there...
  • I completely agree. children should learn about diversity. when my nefew (5) asked why my skin is different then his i answered truthfully. my neice (9 years old) watch pocahantas she wanted to learn everything about idians. fantastic great. it is fine that they are curious, but children listen to adults a lot more then they think. i have seen parents tell there child they couldn't be mulan for halloween because they weren't asian. not just one parent either. when i had a conversation about angelina with my sister my neice over heard she became so upset that she couldn't be snow white becasue she is half black. angelina (and others) just want her children to feel like everyone else i get it. but making a big deal over it doesn't help children to know they can be anything they want to be. disney comes out with what 5 theater movies every year plus tv movies plus straight to dvd movies. i just know if people are calm they will be able to bring many more princess/princes from around the world.
  • the princess and the frog is coming soonnn who's excited? i am
  • true, no black heroines. they even honored a fish before they honored a black woman. whats wrong with that picture? i enjoyed disney movies as a child. they were entertaining. i enjoyed the disney princesses mostly when they sang. i havent seen any disney movies recently though ~ the animation and songs arent anywhere as good as they used to be.
  • Hmm! She probably has many more gripes - she should get a life and get over idiocies!
  • 8-26-2017 Who is Angelina Jolie and why should I care about her opinions? Where have you ever heard of a black princess? There used to be a story about an Indian prince named "Little Black Sambo" who outsmarted tigers, but the black people in USA complained so much that the book was removed from the market. They never said what exactly they were complaining about. Same for the restaurant named Sambo's (which was named for its creators, Sam and Bob.) So there are two good reasons for having no more stories about black characters. 1) There was only ever one, and 2) The black community goes bonkers.

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