• the engagement ring is no biggie, i dont care about diamonds... as for the wedding ring, a simplistic band is ok with me
  • It depends on the couple. To most people it an symbol of love.
  • My guess would be that it would depend on the person themselves, the closest I've ever got was engaged ten years ago, then broke up 3 months later.
  • yes, well for me it is... it doesnt have to be the most expensive ring.. but it is symbolic of ur union.
  • The wedding bands are very important to my husband and I. It is a sign of our commitment. I don't currently wear my diamond engagment ring but I wouldn't want to go without the wedding band. However, my husbands grandparents were married for 48 years and neither one of them ever wore a ring.
  • That's up to the individuals involved. In my opinion they are simply tangible symbols of the love and commitment the two are pledging. Some people need, want and value such symbols and others don't. Some people think rings show the world how much another person loves them, and others don't care what the world thinks. Some enjoy the beauty of the ring itself. Some think it's an announcement that you are "taken". Some value the tradition of rings. Some think the cost of the rings is better put to use to finance a honeymoon or put toward a downpayment on a home. So it's up to the two people envolved to make that decision.
  • The wedding ring is important.
  • it might be for some people
  • probably
  • No. In fact the "tradition" did not even start until late into the 15th odd century when the serf class was more or less replaced with the working class. There is nothing in religion which states a "ring" is necessary for a marriage. It serves as a symbol since ordinary citizens were not really literate or educated back then. Most would not know what was written on the marriage paper let alone know how to sign one. A “ring” was a much easier way to tell if someone was married or not.
  • It's just a symbol. If you're not already married in your mind before you walk up to that alter, you shouldn't be there.
  • Yes. It means you are taken.
  • must be some reference in the bible to a ring ,cause the bible is where it says all about marriage
  • A wedding ring is important to some people. My parents did not wear wedding rings, and they were married for 60 years.

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