• "Just like a pill."
  • I honestly CAN NOT STAND pink. She *really* annoys me.
  • "Don't let me get me" LOVE pink, wish she would come out with something new.
  • Just Like a Pill
  • I can't stand her songs
  • She changed her sound alot, it's not here songs I don't like it's the imagery in her videos and some of her lyrics. She tends to go overboard on female gender defined stero types, she's either fixing cars or boxing or something like that. There's nothing wrong with it but it reminds me of when Ellen couldn't go 10 secs. without telling everyone she was gay. My favorite song of hers is "Who Knew" The line about, "if someone said 3yrs. from now you'd be long gone.." really hits home with me.
  • I love most of her stuff so it's really hard to choose, but probably Just Like a Pill, Please Dont Leave Me, Family Portrait or I Got Money Now.

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