• That the important things in life aren't able to be bought with money. It took me 45 years to figure that one out....... Well it is better late than never!
  • Everything, they were absent parents for the most part. One thing I wish they had said was to *enjoy it* above all else!
  • I think everything :-) !
  • Dad said that "Truth is stranger than fiction" and "Trust only yourself". Mom said that "Life wasn't fair. Get used to it" and that she "would support me no matter what." And she has. Together they taught me to be independent, to question and to not be afraid of life. What did they forget to tell me? That child rearing is very, very hard, yet very, very worth it. That working hard and believeing in yourself will not always make things happen in your favor.
  • About sex, I had to learn on my own
  • I think they forgot to tell me how hard it can be, the pain and the sadness and work..Of course, I suppose they wouldn't have scared me either by telling me that.
  • I don't think they ever really told me anything that would relate to teaching me stuff about life. I have gone through life learning from my mistakes and from my accomplishments. However when I have kids i want to be more involved with their lives then i my parents were with me. I want to pass on some knowledge and make sure they are happy, unlike my parents that just let me do whatever i want and just watch from afar with little to say about anything. Honestly tho it is probably because they know i am independent and don't like when people tell me what to do. But I don't have the best relationship with them, it could be better, but because its not, thats just how it is.
  • that its fun and you have really good times. they were always warning me to stay safe/look out for myself. they should have told me that most of life is pretty good
  • that when and if i got married, i would immediatly lose my dependent status. so i got married inbetween my freshman and sophmore year at college, and immediatly lost all my financial support from my parents. Had I known that would happen, i wouldnt have gotten married. my dad used the college money to buy himself a fishing boat.
  • that it sucks
  • Sex, I was a teen mother. the purpose of money, oh boy I have to pay my own bills? Men, they only said be careful, wish they would have said Stay away!
  • that they'rd be days like this
  • That some women are just no damn good.
  • How much it hurts ..................................... Patty Loveless - How Can I Help You Say Goodbye
  • How to avoid scams and invest wisely. How to recognize those who might wish to use or exploit your talents. Work place politics. How to plan for retirement and the unexpected. How to ask for help when you need it. How to work smart for what you want. Direct experience is still the best teacher.
  • They forgot to mention I was special. It's ok, my husband tells me about it every day.
  • My mother forgot to tell me that she's a raving psychotic who resented having to raise myself and my brother and sister. That part, I figured out for myself.
  • They forgot to tell me how joyful it is to be a parent.
  • Neither one of them told me much about anything. I had to figure it all out for myself.

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