• It means that person who has that diagnosis is the way too obese to be a healthy woman. She should stop eating like a pig, she must do herself a favor and excersize, and then her body will reinstate normal hormonal activity in return, and all that polycystic syndrome will fade away.
  • whoever left the last comment, that is all one big lie. i am no where near obese and i have it. its just that you dont ovulate. every girl every month grows a little cyst on their ovary telling that ovary to release an egg. well people with pcos dont release an egg. so the cyst keep multiplying. yes with more excersize and a healthier diet it does get better, but thats the same for most every syndrome or disease. it also helps to be on a birthcontrol to regulate your periods. alot of people have it and dont know that they do until they want to have kids. then they have to go thru fertility treatments.
  • Before we get into a lot of rumor and namecalling, here are two well respected institutions take on PCOS. Not all women with PCOS are obese, but as it causes insulin resistance, you are unable to burn sugars effectively and your body tends to store it as fat, so over time it does tend to cause obesity. I was working as a farm laborer and getting more exercise than the average gym rat would dream of getting. I have never liked junk food or soft drinks and I just don't eat it. Even with a healthy diet and all that exercise, the lowest I was able to get was 178 and I was nearly fasting at that point, eating one sandwich on homemade whole grain bread a day. So, no, if you have a bad case of this, diet and exercise won't do it. When I stopped working on farms, my weight ballooned to nearly 300 lbs over a very short period of time. Since I got treatment, I have steadily been losing weight for almost seven years.

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