• Possibly but I have not seen any signs of them.
  • Not a chance.
  • I do wonder sometimes...
  • maybe????
  • I think my younger sister's spirit maybe in the house just for the simple fact that some nights You get a very strong smell of her favorate perfume floating round my bedroom but that could just be me
  • No.A friend of mine has that problem.
  • None that I am aware of, no. :)
  • nope, none that i know of.
  • yes. i dont have to think about that. it is a friendly spirit. it has been here for about ten years.
  • No. Do many people still belive in ghosts nowadays? I don't and I also don't know someone who does that, but probably some do. But one day, it will always be explained in a natural way somehow.
  • yes, There is a shadow that people contantly see standing in front of my bedroom door. I moved to another room in the apartment and now I see the shadow coming out of my room sometimes. My brother has heard voices coming from my room while I am not there. He has even heard a woman yelling from my room while I was not there, when he went to check up to see if it was me, he saw i wasnt there. Another time, he saw me walking into the kitchen and it wasnt me. There definetly is something there.
  • yes my dog wont stay in my room and he keeps barking down stairs.
  • Yes because i've 'seen' it. when i say 'seen' i mean i saw void space as i call it. you can't actually see ghosts.
  • my grandfather was convinced that there was... I think there could be... but there is a good chance that my father did not really commit suicide or there is someone pretending to be him... I really want to know the truth
  • Yes but He's not the kind of Ghost most people would expect. The one I speak about, helps me to be a better Christian......Plus 5 for your question...............M.C.S.
  • Not in this house.
  • I dont believe in Ghost.
  • I believe ghosts are the spirits of people who have passed away in a home. Since I built my home just a few years ago and no one has died here, I have to say no. But, my sister and grandmother always seem to be with me!
  • Yep, I have my own personal poltergeist who has followed me around from place to place for many, many years...I consider her to be a good omen, the "angel on my shoulder" so to speak, and try to pay careful attention to whatever messages she is sending me! Hugs, and if you think you have a ghost at home...relax, enjoy, and try to make contact because s/he/it is trying to tell you something important!
  • yes because one day i was walking around my house and i heard something say "Me" and i was all by my self just me and my dog were there, so i grabbed the camera and took a picture where i heard it from and i caught in one of the photos was an orb of light that can be seen through and i got a close up and saw little dots.

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