• paddle his butt'
  • Put him on the naughty step for one and a half mins, and ignore him. Make good noises and give him lots of praise when he is beahving well. Try distraction when he starts misbehaving?
  • When I taught preschool (18 1-1/2 year olds in one room!) we taught them "nice touches". It was a constant training thing. You take his hand and make him pet you, and say "Give Mommy nice touches". Make him pet himself, "Give (his name) nice touches". Give the dog nice touches. Give his teddy bear nice touches. Give GI Joe nice touches. Whenever he hits someone, remind him "We give our friends nice touches," and take his hand and "nice touches" his friend. Seriously, eventually he'll be screaming "DO NICE TOUCH!" to his friends when they hit each other.
  • okay, your son is old enough for time outs, every time he hits someone -every time- take him to the SAME spot and tell him to sit quiely for two minutes. then -assuiming he can talk- tell him to say he is sorry to whom ever he has hit
  • When my oldest daughter went through that "phase", I always reinforced the mantra "We don't hit in our family, we give hugs and kisses." When she would say so and so hits (or kicks, bites etc.) I simply explain that while other families may do this, we do not. It has helped in other areas of her upbringing as well. When she visits friends and comes home and says so and so's Mom/Dad lets them xyz, she understands that every family is different and what happens in the "outside" world (or in someone else's home) is not how we live our lives. That we do not allow others behaviors to shape ours. Other than that, good luck and know that awareness of an issue is half the battle.

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