• knowing it is a good product. i mean i guess you can get stuck with some nasty customer service people, but I think as long as I have a quality product that I wont have to worry about ever, then I am ok dealing with bad customer service.
  • I'll take the good product. If the product was good they wouldn't NEED customer service.
  • I'd have to say getting good customer service because I already know, if its a new product, it will be no good so I'll need the customer service.....
  • Getting a good product. I can deal with bad customer service I'll get over it as long as my product works when I got home. It dosen't matter that he went out his way to get me a piece of shit. You feel me????
  • Good customer service. Why would I want to buy any product from a company who doesn't even seem to care that one of their sales representatives are rude to customers for no good reason? I'm extremely nice and polite in public (and I'm not fake about it, either), so if someone doesn't treat me the same back, then why does he or she deserve my hard earned cash? Thankfully, almost 100% of the people I've met personally have been nice to me.
  • Getting a good product is far more important to me. I could do away with customer service all together if the product is worthwhile.
  • Getting a good product. The customer service is only temporary. If I get the product home and I know it's a great buy and it works fine, I'll be happy with it for a long time. Regarding the bad customer service, I can quickly forget about it. What a great question.
  • Getting a good product, and i never buy an extended warranty.
  • Customer service, if it's a bad product, i wish they would give me their honest opinion.... plus I'm a bartender so customer service is important to me
  • Receiving a bad product, is sometimes overshadowed by excellent customer service. It is near impossible however, it is highly doubtful that a product will be so gratifying that it makes up for extremely poor customer service.
  • Customer service is nothing more than some guy being paid to smile at me, he could really be thinking anything. The product must be good. I am buying a product, not a cheesy smile.

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