• This is a classic case of a guy wanting to explore his options. He's coming to the terms of being settled down in a serious relationship, and now, he's starting to panic. I'm going to make the assumption that you're both young and he's wanting to take a step back before jumping too deep. All guys do this at one point or another. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you, it is just his way of being absolutely sure of the direction he's taking with you. It's great that you've been together a year and a half, and to most guys, it's one step away from the pressures of future "i do's". If you've really never had space between you two since getting together, especially by already now living together, it may be a good idea to let him have the space he's craving. It's not healthy to unknowingly be codependent to each other. You should know how to handle being alone in a residence, as should he. I'm suggesting this by personal experience. I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half as well, and we do not live together yet, and we love it that way! Every couple should have their space and enjoy the relationship before co-habitating too quickly. Don't take his request too personally. Maybe even by helping look for a place to coop up for a bit will surprise him, and he will be pleased that you are such an understanding and supportive girlfriend, he's so lucky to have you! Allow him the new territory, just don't be too lenient with his separation or he can overdose on the new found freedom and ignore your union. Good luck : )
    • officegirl
      Unless one of them is living off the other cohabiting means they enjoy being together. Living apart means they enjoy each other less.
  • This to me sounds like a cumulative breakup scenario. He needs space now, his own place - that you're not in - to do what he wants. He's seeking independence from you. Getting his own place is not a temporary solution and its not an 'exploration' of his own singular identity...its a commitment to it. A commitment that comes with the legal contract involved in wherever he moves. I can't speak directly as to why he's doing this, but on average most people only feel love for about 18 months before it changes...either to nothing at all, or to a form of trusting friendship. You've been together for 18 months and it seems like he's trying to ease out of your commitment because something in him has changed.
    • officegirl
      That is what it seems to me.
  • That's terrible. I am sorry. It hurts sosoosooossosososososososo much when guys do this. I am hurting right now too. So terribly. Even though it was I who left. It's like the worst. Act like you don't care. Let him go. Don't talk to him. I know this is really hard, but its the only way to have a chance later. Good luck! By the old are you if you don't mind?
  • maybee seriously he is bored but he is attached to u.;... but he cant tell u that he is bored he has to make it sound nicee.. get me.. sry for that ...
  • 12-08-2016 It's hard to guess because there are so many factors. I can only speak of generalities. A man needs feminine companionship. A lot of women don't know that, so a lot of boys grow up thinking sex is all there is. That doesn't work, and they never figure out what's wrong. All they know is they are getting bored, so they go looking for a new sex partner. Since he is already into that stage, he might resent you trying to get more togetherness. But that is what you need to do. Like I said, I can only offer generalities, so I might be totally wrong.
  • Living apart and seeing different people as well as each other is an entirely different kind of relationship and your ties will almost inevitably loosen until one of you, or both, lose interest. If you enjoy being with one another you naturally want to live together. Which does not mean that each person should not have time to themselves within that context. Because after all each of you should have part of your own life that does not depend on the other. That is healthy. But if he moves out that means he wants to be with you a lot less which is basically a casual way of breaking up with you.
  • Change the locks when he moves out and change you phone number and block him on social media.

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