• I'm sure there are plenty of ways to find a better existence, but probably not a more luxurious one. Not to lecture, but 100 years ago school was definitely a privilege, with teaching often being done by a minister's wife. The parents of children would pay for this privelege, so poor families would receive no education. Most countries tried to solve this by creating a welfare system where all children could be educated, at least in the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic (the 3'R's). This is now inured so that education is seen as a right, and not a privilege, and there is no longer a feeling that you need to aspire in school. The other problem is that other students, who are not as able, have to be taught as well, and with less people wanting to be teachers, the classes mix abilities and dilute the learning process. Those who are clever are therefore disillusioned quite early in their educational career, and end up feeling resentful of other students. I'd say you're there just now. You have a decision to make. Throw it away and trust that your native intelligence will shine through in a work scenario, or find ways to better yourself without your teachers. Reading certainly helps, and setting your own revision and learning timetable each evening gives you the tools that you will require if you wish to move on the a good university. Life is a b1tch, and if you don't help yourself, no-one else will these days.
  • "When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned." Mark Twain This quote helps to illustrate a rather important point. People in their teenage years tend to think that they know everything. They think that they know more than the adults do. However, as they get more mature, they begin to realize that maybe the adults knew what they were talking about after all. I am not saying that you fall into this category. I don't know you. So, I can't make that judgement, but it is something that you should think about. Are you really as smart as you think you are or are you being blinded by your pride. If it is the former, then pay attention to Ullyses' answer. If it is the latter, then try being a bit more humble and paying more attention to what those with more experience are trying to tell you. You might just find that this helps you to enjoy school more.
    • Jewels Vern
      Mr. Twain was not talking about public schooling!
    • Glenn Blaylock
      No, Twain was not specifically referring to public schools and I AM a pretty consistent critic of the public school system. However, the quote pretty well summarizes attitude I see being expressed by Michael Tam in his question. So, if that is indeed his attitude, if he is one of these teens that get so stuck up that he thinks he already knows everything, then learning some humility can go a long way to helping to do better in high school.
  • Adolescence can be a tough time. The turning point (if there will be one) will occur when you start to consider that its your own thoughts about your situation that are the true source of your pain. This is probably the hardest thing any of us have to learn about life -- we always think its the circumstances that make us unhappy, and we don't want to hear otherwise. We're sure that if only *they* would change, or only if we could be richer, or only if we had the right girlfriend, or if our parents would... (well, you get the point). This is the true meaning of the word "responsibility" at your age: the realization that *I* am at the center of everything that I dislike about my life. When we stop blaming others, the situation, family, friends, etc., we take the first step toward being real adults, and start the journey to adult-level freedom and choices. Nothing else will end the suffering. Some people take 30 years to realize this, and lots never do.
  • Graduate Highschool kid, you will have plenty of time to be disapointed with life after you graduate. If you do you will regret it.
  • Keep at it. Don't mind the other kids. Go your own way. Graduate. Be your own man or can do it!
  • why do you dwell on what others think. as long as your happy who care what they think or say. just pay no mind to them.
  • Is it possible for you to take home-schooling or maybe transfer to a different high-school?? Just a thought; I would have if the option had been offered to me!
  • Keep your mind on your studies and the hell with the other people who irritate you. When i was in school, everybody picked on me since i didn't fit into their norm. It isn't worth quiting, you'll never get any job except crap jobs. If you ever noticed, the smartest kid in the class, lives on his own planet. Meaning that he doesn't participate in harrassing anyone. Just be like that guy.
  • G'day Michael Tam, Thanks for your question. I would keep up with the studies. However, you might want to look at alternatives such as alternative schools or homeschooling over the summer holidays. Alternatively, you might want to speak with counsellors about how things can be improved for you in high school. Regards
  • you sound like me in high school....keep going. it definitely gets better after high school. it's a necessary evil
  • Aim lower.
  • When you are smart, others get jealous and they always find a way to bring you down to their level. Wherever possible, hang out with people who are helpful rather than critical. I wish I had known about this when I was in high school because I accepted other people's comments that I was stupid and it wasn't even true. If you don't fit the accepted norm, you'll get grief from narrow minded people but they are usually the ones with the problem and not you.
  • I am 17 and I too hate high school, I also hate about 90% of all the people I have met in my life. I go to a Catholic high school and all the bastards that are enrolled there are hypocritical degenerates. The whole theme of Christianity is to serve others. Almost all the people in my school look out only for themselves. I have also observed that if someone is getting picked on, others tend to join in and harrass that person as well. I used to be one of those people... but NOT ANYMORE! I console myself when I am angered by remembering that these people will one day die and they will die all alone when this happens.
  • Yes there is; If you are intelligent and you find that certain areas of study are of interest to you; such as languages, math, electricity, birds, plant, pottery or some such; find someone who is a expert in that area and ask them to be a mentor. Stay away from folks who knock you down. Adults develop selective listening to filter out such junk stuff, but for now just stay away from them. Follow your intellectual thoughts, the world need more thinkers. In truth you are better than you think you are. Don't let your future self down. Live your potential, claim your place in human society. Submitted, Ed
  • Home schooling...
  • You probably are intelligent; you seem so. At least you write better than approximately 90% of the people found in such forums on the Internet. But there's no connection between how smart you are and how much, how often or how badly people treat you and rain on your parade. There's no logical connection there. People will rain on your parade throughout your life. What you need to do is learn to accept that when you have to, to deal with it when you can -- and to recognize which time is which. You can always learn to enjoy the parade, even in the rain. (Literally, one of the best parades I ever attended was held in a driving rain almost forty years ago, and I've recalled it fondly ever since.) One of the best ways I've found of dealing with people and rules who would constrain me from doing what I want rather than "what they say" is to be an exception. You certainly know the expression that "rules are made to be broken". That doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be an outlaw and break rules arbitrarily and just for the thrill of "being bad"; you can also prove yourself to be so capable, so intelligent and so mature that "the rules don't apply" to you in every case. You'll want to be judicious about that, and develop a reputation for knowing which rules are sacrosanct (rules regarding honor, showing respect that is due to people who deserve it, all safety rules that respect "the safety of others" -- and most of the ones that apply to oneself, as well -- and any other important rules of conduct, whether written or implied, that you're expected to follow) -- and then break the less important rules, usually for a more important reason -- and be prepared to face the consequences of failure. Sometimes you'll be "wrong", and if you're going to be honorable about this, then you need to pay the penalties without whining, whimpering, blaming others or being childish in any number of other ways. Read "IF" by Rudyard Kipling (it's a short enough poem) and then go ahead and take responsibility for your life.
  • What would it take for you to fit in, even superficially? Suppose you're not into sports, but you're good at math: try boning up on sports statistics and you'll be able to get into a conversation with others. Playing cards is another simple icebreaker. Just stay away from the gossip and don't worry about the cliques; they chew each other up and spit them out anyway.
  • There are still a few that can get ahead without a high school education but darn few. I for one dropped out of high school when in grade 10 and went on active duty with the Navy Reserve. I was glad because I hated school and teachers. When I returned home I floundered around and had a good job working with the engineer team as a rod man and chain man. The head engineer told my parents to get me some schooling because I was plenty smart. Anyway I was able to get into college in 1961 on individual approval. I had to get a 2.0 GPA to stay in after the first semester. I got my 2.0. It took me 10 years, getting married and having a child but in 1971 I was graduated having made Dean's List 5 times. What did i become? You guessed it a teacher. Today although retired I still enjoy the kids and drive a school bus. You may hate school today but there will be a time when you will wish you could have an education to make a good living for you and your future family. It doesn't have to be university, many are not cut out to be university material but there are many really great vocational schools in every state. Today you have to have an education to have good employment. Not only do I have a university education I also have a vocational school education in Aircraft maintenance. Get an education.
  • 8-18-2017 Teens in the USA are forced to pretend to be children for five years after childhood has ended. High school is just supervised play. They are not taught at all how to act like adults or do anything that is required for a normal life. Some teens consider this a time of "fun", some notice the lack of direction, and some just know something is wrong and can't figure out what it is. Escape. Take classes at the community college, get an afternoon job, and get started on a life. Take acting and public speaking. Vocal skill will affect your earning power more than any other detail, and acting skill will get you a job offer even when you are not qualified for the job. Get "Dress For Success" by John Molloy and consider all the advice for students. (The book is about appropriate clothes, not expensive clothes.)
  • Not if you want a decent job to support yourself. Without a high school education youll be whining about your pathetic existence as an adult. Stick with it. High school has an end date at grade 12 either at 17 or 18 years old. Without that diploma there is no end date just another 70 years of whining.
  • not much you can do about it, you wont be in high school forever

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