• I guess the government doesn't want people to reside in their cars?
  • If that is the truth then it is probably unconstitutional.
  • It would allow people an ounce of freedom
  • Where did you receive this information? Many homeless people own automobiles. It is their home.
  • This may be a touch off topic, but will say anyway. A good amount, have no idea of the percentage, of over the road truck drivers also have no homes. They basically live in their trucks, and either use a PO Box or maybe their parents or siblings home as a 'home address,' which they may visit once a month, as little as a time or two a year. I realize that is not exactly the same thing, but close enough I thought you may find interesting.
  • A.) It isn't illegal. B.) Homelessness isn't a crime, it is just defined as not having a constant place of residence. C.) You can certainly live out of your car, even though you are still considered homeless since an automobile is not a house/apartment. As long as you can find somewhere to park your car at night that isn't illegal, it is not at all illegal.
  • I lived in a cab over camper on the back of my truck for years. I parked it in many different places over the years without any problem. As far as I know, it isn't illegal to be homeless nor operate a vehicle if it has current registration and you have a drivers lic. This is America...
  • I never knew it was illegal. My guess is you're full of it.
  • It's not! You have been misinformed.
  • I was going to get an old school bus and live in that. I could use my sisters address for my address, and she could hold my mail. I think i could get away with that. They would have to prove i didn't live there. I would have all my other mail sent there also.

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