• I don't think so, but in certain situations wearing those can be bad for your reputation.
  • Not at all. Both brands of sandals are great for your feet. I have 3 pairs of Birkenstocks, and about 50 pairs of Tevas. Teva sandals are sport sandals and they have the sneaker fit, and they can be great for walking around, and some Teva sandals can be worn in the water, and once you get out of the water, they can dry out in seconds. I have several models of Teva sandals and love them all! Birkenstock sandals are very very comfortable. They have a toe bar, and they also come in many models. They are the best sandals around. They are very costly (About $120) but they can last you a life time. They use a different sizing sytem though. Therefore, if you wear a size 9, then for a Birkenstock you need a size 40. There are other good sandals you can buy besides Birkenstocks.
  • I can't answer for Tevas, but I can for Birkenstocks. They are extremely well made and offer excellent support for your feet. The cost is bit high, but so is the quality so they stay in good condition a long time.
  • Yes all sandals are bad for your feet. Just Google it.

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