• it may not be goodbye but his feelings for you have said goodbye.
  • If you love him, give him that space. It couldn't hurt, to respect his wishes for that. Just tell him not to leave you in limbo forever, and remind him that you love him. Space does not necessarily mean it's over.... just be patient.
  • he could just need some alone time then again, he could be dating someone else, and keeping you around in case it doesnt work out...
  • I personally wouldn't want to be with someone that is on the fence about me. Obviously you have more invested into this relationship then he does. In his defense he may be getting scared about the whole commitment thing, but if that is the case then he should not have worded it this way. He could have been more gentle about the way it came out. If I were you I would leave while I still had the chance. I wouldn't want to be with someone that didn't know if he wanted to be with me.
  • I hate to say it, but every time that I wanted to and did break up with someone, I said it was because I wanted space, which was true. A couple times it was space away from relationships in general, because they are alot of work and are very distracting. Others were just because I wasn't happy with things, so I thought that being alone would help. I was with a girl once that told me she wanted space, and I took it as a breakup and never called her again. There are so many people out there that it's not worth being with someone that can't give you the time of day, or that you don't feel can give you what you need and deserve. It might have nothing to do with you, maybe he really does just need some space, but it's usually a very good sign that things are coming to an end.
  • I'm sorry sweetheart, these things are SO hard. I was with someone for 6 years on and off... and he often said he needed "space". As I look back, I wish I would've just left him and moved on because he did nothing but hurt me over and over. Even if he loves you like crazy, if he's not willing to be in a committed relationship, that won't change, no matter what. In my case, the guy just cheated on me, because he was too selfish to let me go. I was devastated, I'm STILL getting over it... we broke up a year ago. Words and phrases like "space" and "on the fence" indicate that he's not 100% willing to be in a relationship. If you break-up with him first, be prepared for him to come back. Don't let it fool you, he sounds like the kind of guy that likes what he can't have. Once you take him back, you'll be happy for one month and suddenly he'll need "space" again... trust me on this!

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