• If you drink have a couple before hand. Not too many though. Just take it easy. Keep cheat sheets up on stage with you. This is perfectly normal. I have seen so many singers using sheets with lyrics on it. Just know the set up for each set and then you can put each song in the book in order. Good luck! I miss singing in public.
  • just deep breaths before you are on stage, just relax.
  • Practice. Recognize signs of nervousness and learn what to do about them. For example, if your hands get cold, put them in your pockets. If you feel a warm spell, bring a small personal fan. Practice. A lot of anxiety symptoms can be alleviated by taking a series of long, slow breaths. Practice. Go over your words in the shower to make sure you know them. Practice. :o)
  • Congratulations, Molecule. I would think of the crowd as your best friends. People say "picture them naked" but I can't see that as a good idea for me. Consider them your friends and your peers.
  • Plenty of practice. Belief in your own abilities The knowledge that most people will think you are great, because they can't do what you are doing. The realisation that those who might criticize aren't worth worrying about. A nice drink of red wine before going on. Deep breaths.
  • Amazing! I couldn't recommend anything, because I don't sing myself. I do give lectures once in a while, and to cut down my nervousness there, I pretend to be alone. It sometimes works to the effect that I get so concentrated on the content of the lecture that I hardly notice I'm talking at all. It is like a trance, and when this stage is reached, I am usually good, even if I don't notice. So, I could just say trust in yourself and everything will be fine.
  • Sounds great..wish we were nearby we'd come see you. How do you feel about taking Vitamin B complex? It's called the "stress" vitamin (anti-stress is more like it) comes in 100 mg is water-soluble so you won't develop any toxicity..used to take one each morning at work and no matter how unreasonable my boss was, I didn't get upset. It simply relaxed me..didn't make me sleepy or anything. You might try it. Good luck, m'dear! :)
  • i never got scared going on stage, i love it, once the music starts youll be fine, just think about the lyricas not the crowd, imagine your at home singing,because of the lights its difficult to see the crowd anyway.but most of all. ENJOY IT. good luck.
  • Try some Taoist meditations ... like this set from this book ... .
  • I used to sing onstage when I was younger. I know what you're talking about. You just have to realize that the people there are not there to judge you. And if you mess up, so what? it's not like you've got a gun to your head that'll go off if you mess up.I've messed up a bunch of times. It wasn't the end the world or my social life or any small colonies of bunnies on some island somewhere. Take it easy.
  • just TELL yourself you can do it and it will all be great, and you should be calm and ready for it :) Breath easy and check how your husband feels about it. He'll reassure you :D
  • Molecule, I am so proud of you! You are gonna rock girl!! Once you hear the music just flow with it, the words will just come!
  • If practice and self confidence isn't enough, there is an all natural, botanically based product available in most stores called Nerve Tonic from Calm Forte. It's supposedly the same base botanicals that they use in Xanax minus all the bad chemicals that mess up your body. I take it before our shows and it really chills me out. The benefit is that I'm not loopy and I can still drink on it without losing my head and probably killing my business at the same time. Also try to remember that everyone has a weird first show. You're getting comfortable with something that will most likely be a repetitive act. Just try to have fun and don't take it very seriously. I'm sure you'll do really well...just breathe.

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