• 1) I found 25 videos with your Answerbag username on YouTube: Only one of your videos has been posted so early as 1 month ago. 10 of them were posted 2 weeks ago, and the others are more recent. Many of your videos were watched from 6 up to 13 times. Of course, it could also just have been you and your friends watching them. None of your videos got comments or ratings. 2) As far as I can see, you have generally two types of videos: - game playthroughs, I watched this one: - one or two people "having fun", I watched this one: Moreover, I watched also this special one: For this one, your description is: "just random picture with music got bored" 3) What I think: - be patient, your videos don't have been there very long - the fact that people don't rate or comment your videos does not mean that they don't find them interesting. I am watching a lot of videos on YouTube but I have been very rarely interacting. - I am personally not very interested in playthroughts. I think they could be interesting for people who don't come clear with the game, but I am not sure if yours could be used, becausee the texts disappear very quickly. - your "having fun" videos are not technically optimal, for instance when you change the focus. People start to be tired of this kind of videos, if they don't bring something very original. I hope this helps.
  • 1. Are they interesting? 2. Are you tagging them appropriately?
  • 1. Some people watch videos, but don't necessarily leave comments. I do that all the time. 2. Maybe you have disabled adding comments for your videos.

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