• First: If you have a pulminary embolism or thrombosis caused by air travel I wouldn't get on plane, period, until that susceptability is corrected. I'm sure your employer is thinking the same thing - you die from it and they're responsible. But you ask if the company can fire you for being unable to perform the job requirements, and the answer is: "it all depends" - on the company and where it's located, it's written policies in this regard (if they exist), the interpritation and applicability of the Americans With Disabilities Act, possibly other laws, and your specific circumstances and value in another job or performing this one without the travel. Their decision is ultimately economic. But if I can be glib, if the company doesn't feel you are worth the extra money for first class, keeping you healthy and performing at your best, why wait until they fire you? Get another job. (One that doesn't require air travel.)
  • why does sitting in 1st class seating have a bearing on flying w/ a pulmonary embolism,may i ask?
  • If you can't perform your job because of a doctor diagnosed medical condition, you should be able to go on disability.
  • Did you tell your potential employer that you had this problem? If not and you are going to cost the company extra money they cant afford then they have the right to let you go. You dont need to travel first class just get up and walk up and down the aisle several times every 2 hours. You should not be flying on flights of 4 hours or more.
  • You can pay the difference between coach and first class.
  • I hate to have to tell you this, but first-class seating goes just as high as coach, and it gets to the destination at the same time. If you got fired, maybe it was because you tried to milk the company for better accommodations. Either way, a company can fire you for any reason, even in violation of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) - they just give a different reason so they won't be sued.
  • You can't do the job its pointless you being there. I doubt their insurance would let them employ you with such medical conditions reguarding air travel.

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