• From what I understand Clinton doesn't have a chance at this point to win the candidacy. Am I wrong?
  • Because everyone in the media and his consultants are telling him he has won. He has, unless Florida and Michigan are allowed. And now I'm not so sure he can beat McCain in November.
  • It's all over but the crying.
  • Confidence. The same reason many boxers act like they have won the fight before the first bell rings! They hope their confidence makes their opponent less confident and thus more vulnerable.
  • All politicians do that, just a tactic they use. Will talk like they have won the election so they sound optimistic about the results to the public, and to plant stuff like 'President Obama' in your head to try to sway you come when you're standing at the ballot box. That whole "When I am elected President," or "When I am in the White House," is hardly an Obama original.
  • Thats just a campaign stunt. If he acts like a winner people will vote for him.
  • Because his odds of winning are great.He has the election in the bag and is planning he future as president.
  • Wishful thinking? : ))
  • He watches CNN too much.
  • Obama is not the leader in popular votes, but because the votes of Florida and Michigan have been suppressed by Obama operatives working for the DNC (Donna Brazile, Alice Germond, etc.) it appears in the media that Hillary is behind, when actually she is ahead. And the Mainstream media along with a group of misogynist, women-hating left wing blogs have decided to bash Hillary while refusing to hold Obama to account. So Obama has a fawning press telling him he's the winner, even though he is incapable of 'closing the deal' and winning any important, large Democratic states -- not one! Instead, Obama wins small, Red-leaning states and he's the 'winner' and when Hillary wins swing or Democratic states we're told by the press that these victories 'don't count'. Drunk with the lies of the media bias in his favorite, Obama is acting like a spoiled brat. But he's not the winner, and he won't be able to convince enough Democrats to support him, so if he's nominated, then John McCain has a very good chance of winning.
  • Would the US masses elect a loser? doh! You already did that...
  • Well. It's of course a better campaign tactic to behave as if you were going to be the winner than to behave as if there is a possibility that you'll lose. We all want a winner! Come on. I want to have faith in a confident candidate who believes they can win as much (if not more) than I do.
  • Any politician who runs for office should act like a winner and put on their best game face. Nobody likes a loser or anyone who acts like a loser.

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