• There's 25.4mm in one inch... hence 22.86mm in 0.9 of an inch.
  • 22.86 mm in 9/10 of an inch.
  • I'm thinking 22.5. There are 2.5 cm in one inch. So your first ratio is 2.5 over 1. You want the number of mm in 0.9 in. So you put the 0.9 next to your 1 and solve for x by cross-multiplying. You get 2.25. Since you want mm and there are 10 mm in a cm, you multiply the 2.25 by 10 to get 22.5. Therefore there are 22.5 mm in nine tenths of an inch.
  • If I'm sure I understand your question, this is how it goes: For example a 9/10 of an inch is written in decimals this way .0009, that is .0001 short of .oo1. So what you do is you multiply 9/10 or .0009 by 25.4 which is the equivalent of 1 inch in millimeters and the result would be-I think-(0.0149).

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