• No, The English negotiated with the IRA, it was hard and a lot of people did not like it, but the terrorist problem in Ireland is now gone, it worked. In the End, no matter how disagreeable it might be, you have got to stop fighting an start talking.
  • Very strange that he should say that in a country whose founders were once considered to be terrorists.
  • I'm ashamed that someone with such a lack of logic and political astuteness can essentially represent my country. Any time a politician sites an absolute like that they embarass every person of reasonable intelligence.
  • No, and I remember clearly when Amnesty International referred to Gitmo as a gulag that the current regime/administration had a fit. Clearly, they can dish it out, but they can't take it. Bush should negotiate with his brain and ask it to turn on every once in a while.
  • No. Finding a peaceful resolution is always better than having people die.
  • Yes. In the case of the Muslim terrorists, they believe that we are the infidels and need to be wiped off the face of the earth. And that this is a calling from Allah. Where is the room for negotiation? Where is the middle ground? This isn't the IRA, this isn't a political issue, this isn't a a case of us stopping the fight and starting the talk. When we weren't fighting back, they were fighting us. When we weren't tracking them down, we were getting killed. Locherbie wasn't an IRA bomb, it was a Muslim terrorist attack. Iran's leader hasn't said we don't like the Israeli's. He has said he wants them dead and gone "wiped off the map". Show me middle ground and we'll take it. We helped Al Quaida gain freedom in Afghanistan. 9-11 was how they repaid us.
  • Simply talking is not no, I do not agree. :) Happy Saturday! :)
  • No, and how would you define radicals? Does he mean religious radicals, radical feminists? what they are clearly worth separating from the terrorist catagory.
  • That is a quite narrow view on things. It is always right to try negotiations first. The situation can escalate, though, and in some cases negotiations might no longer work. Bin Laden and his cronies are probably non-negotiable. But what about Iran, for instance? Their current president is a problem for the Western world, and still it would not be right to just start a war because of him.
  • yes it is true, why on earth would you negotiate with these people? If someone broke into your house would you quietly ask if the gun was loaded? or would you seek a way to save yourself and family?
  • yes, i believe it's a kind of supporting terrorism
  • depends o the situation at hand, and I find it funny how a nazi, is calling someone else a nazi.
  • Yes I do.
  • Well what does that make Hussein Obama then? Who wishes to sit down to tea with Mr Amaninijhad and discuss his agenda on rearranging the Middle East with him?
  • Ask yourself: Would you negotiate with someone who has killed 2% of your family, and vowed to kill the rest? When will people get the fact that there are people whom neither can be nor wish to be "spoken kindly" to? Watch the September 11th events over again, and ask yourself whether or not the attackers should be treated as if their crime was just a misunderstanding. A small child who steals a piece of candy from a store can be spoken to and told that his actions were wrong. A cold-blooded, hate-filled, murderer should be executed, not "spoken to"!
  • yes, in a most 'heartfelt ' way...but not just Bush....I would agree with this 'reasoning' no matter WHO said it...most especially these muslim terroists of today, terrorizing and murdering all over the world.... would you of negotiated with Nazi's to APPEASE them? I would not of....once they see they can manipulate to further themselves ....they will always do so and if we do it once , it would never can not negotiate with this ilk of evil......
  • Yes they would still try to cut our collect heads of later, I mean that.
  • Not at all. The Nazi's were an elected government that the right wing in the US was solidly behind. His own fucking grandfather was the banker of the Nazi's. Where would that piece of shit be if it weren't for the Nazi's? Prescott Bush WAS a Nazi so his words ring extremely hollow. He says them out of hypocrisy in order to keep funding a perpetual war machine that he and his cronies directly profit from and always have.
  • Yes. Both want death and destruction, plus they both have a vendetta against the agree.
  • Rule 1: Never negotiate with madmen. I agree with former President Bush's statement. The "appeased" terrorists do not remain permanently appeased, for appeasement is a sign of weakness. They do not respect or understand anything other than ultimate total subjection of those who will not stand up to them.
  • Pretty much, yeah.
  • In a word no, You can try to negotiate with anyone, if they refuse too, thats another story all together, if they ask too much and are just wanting hand outs to stop doing bad things, well then you know what your dealing with. You need to at least talk with them or you don't know what your dealing with, i don't believe in giving them concessions for bad behavior, but you need to talk with them to see if they will stop behaving badly and if their is some sort of reasonable agreement that can be made. If you cant come to a agreement well then as i said you know more of whom your dealing with, if nothing else talking with them lets you know your enemy better. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.
  • No. I find his words to be irony. Considering he's done more with his family fund Nazis, and terrorist and radicals. Such are the very lifeblood for his riches.

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