• I've heard this before ... if she cheated twice, then the only regret that she has is the fact that she was caught. I'd be very careful and go with your gut on this one. The fact that she did this to you will be forever embedded in your thoughts. Even if you think you can forgive her, the fact is she DID cheat at one time and you will never forget that. It's very hard to trust someone after you have been deceived. I wish you luck.
  • I believe that if she has lied to you about cheating theres a problem right there I mean coming clean with it does take alot of effort but why cheat if you are happy. You ahd said to things in that one sentence that makes me wonder, first you said she lied, which number one lieing is wrong, and if you are lieing in your relationship how can you establish trust. In orderto trust someone you can base something on lies. Second you said cheating, cheating we all know is wrong but some people cheat for many different reasons, and plainly I believe if you are going to cheat leave the person if you are unhappy or confront them about your unhappiness and try to work through it if you love the person. Being she says that she amde the two biggest mistakes of her life, you need to ask yourself based on what you know already if you can establish trust with her being you know she lied to you previously and how do you knwo shes not lieing to you about them being the biggest mistakes she made. maybe she just was curious and never did think about the reprecussions of what she was doing but deep down i think she knew what she was doing and just was worried about pleasing herself and not worried about hurting you. Sorry for sounding harsh but when people cheat i do not believe they deserve any justification for it as if they are not happy they should just get out of the realtionship rather than prolonging it and leading someone to beleive there is something there truly isnt. Emotions are played with and it ends up hurting someone. so decide if you want to put yourself throug this againa nd ask yourself, just how much can you reassure yourself she wont dont it again, you know they say once a cheater always a cheater. Lots of luck.
  • Maybe you should let her try her new changes on somebody else. I'd move on if I were you

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