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  • Oral Sex for ether gender can be a problem in the giving or the receiving, So what may be to you a perfectly, normal, healthy sexual act, Well, To others it ain't so. And forcing ether gender into it against their will is a sure way to destroy any relationship. It would be nice if the giving and the receiving were mutual, but then that isn't always the case. But then that give neither gender the right to go looking for oral gratification somewhere else.
  • I love to give my husband oral. I also enjoy when he gives it to me.
  • Minus the fact that my jaw problems are starting to kick in again, I do like giving my boyfriend oral sex. I don't know if it does for other women, but sexually, it doesn't really do anything for me; however, the fact that he enjoys it a great deal is what I like about it so much. The first time I did it did it for him, he told me that he almost came like ten times. Such a rewarding feeling!
  • I love giving and I love recieving. I love pleasing and being pleased. lol.
  • My wife hates giving and receiving. I, of course, love both. Ain't love grand?
  • mine doesn't like to give, but does like to receive sometimes... i wish i could give her more
  • I always preferred giving. I mean guys naturally want to stick it somewhere and you kinda naturally want it to be somewhere so I find giving the closest thing to actual sex.
  • I don't give oral but I cannot resist receiving one. At most I kiss his erect dick shaft.
  • I love oral sex - I love to give my husband oral and love it when gives it to me.. But I think I like giving the best. we both get so much pleasure out of it..
  • I get so turned on by giving. I LOVE the Penis!! It;s like when men see boobs and touch boobs]. I'm that way when I see penis!!
  • I love putting my boyfriend in my mouth!There is no greater joy!
  • Count me in.... I LOVE it....
  • no the real question is who doesnt? to which the answer should be a unanimous no!
  • my gf says she loves to feel him throbbing inside her mouth when he goes
  • I love giving it and receiving it. Preferably at the same time.
  • I love giving my boyfriend oral sex and he love giving it .That one of my requirments for even dating me. We do it all the time. If you dont wont to do it then he just finger me or fuck me.
  • Never received and turn down offers for it. I just get my kicks from playing with their parts . . . I LOVE it, not just saying that b/c it sounds nice. IF ALL SINGLE MEN WERE DDF, I'd want to "practice" b/c practice makes perfect ;D I don't feel comfortable yet with guys touching me down there, but I get REALLY wet when I can touch them :D So yes, I LOVE it!!! I love it just as much (or pretty damn close lol) to how much THEY LOVE RECEIVING IT :]
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  • I adore giving oral sex. I am not so keen on receiving it, there are other ways I'd rather be pleasured...
  • I prefer to give. And alot! Not so wild about recieving.
  • YESSS...OODDLES...AND YESSS!!!!! Sweets likes to treat Pete...And Pete Likes Sweets' Treats.... Our drink of choice...LOVE JUICE...why do you think it's called a cuncockshion...LOL!!
  • I like giving my husband oral sex. As my husband love giving me oral sex well.

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