• I am attending college at University of Phoenix also known as Axia College. I had just recently signed up around February and I really like it. I am going for my AA degree in Business Accounting. They have many classes for any course of study and it is all online if you can't get to a Phoenix Building. I am taking online courses and everything seems to be going great. Go to their site and see for yourself, leave your number for them to call you or you can call the school: 1-602-713-1366 and ask to speak to Diana Ojomo. You can ask her anything about classes and what you need or have to do. If it's not interesting to you, then try No matter what you will still have to take classes but for Belford University, failed the test or not they will give you the same test until you past it. Then you pay for it. But for Phoenix University, it is a regular College such as UC Berkeley.
  • Try Penn Foster Career School. I'll give you a link.

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