• well, first you have to know what a "product" is. If you don't look it up in a math txt book. I'll tell you though what it means. A "product" is the answer to a multiplication problem. You multiply the "factors" (4, 8) And voila! the product of 4 and 8 is 32 4*8=32
  • Product is always multiplication So if you are asked the product of 3 and 9 you would add 9 three times (example 9+9=18 18+9=27) so 27 is the product of 3 and 9. I know those aren't the numbers you asked for but now you know how to do it yourself. I'd also suggest getting ahold of a multiplication table (if they even still use such things) and memorize it up to the 9 column. It's easier than it sounds. Bliss
  • they are both right... the answer is 32
  • 4 x 8 = 32 That's how I'd figure it. Some people use a dot or an asterik instead of the "x" sign.
  • Thank you! How simple.... but having a 5th grader that doesn't EVER bring home a math book makes things more difficult! Thanks so much... now I can help her!

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