• not that I am an expert but I don't think you can just stick the new slab down and that's it. Hang on, I have accumulated loads of DIY books in PDF format - I shall have a quick look for you...
  • Make a mark on the side of the existing concrete about an inch or so from the top surface. Get a 3/8" Concrete bit and drill down at about a 30-45 degree angle the full length of the bit. Cut a piece of 3/8" rebar about 12" or so and drive that in with a hammer. It should slide in fairly easily and not require a lot of force. After it is all the way in, step on it so that it lays horizontally with the ground. Do this every 18-24" along the entire side you are tying in to. Tie the pieces into whatever type of reinforcement you are using in the new slab and you shouldn't have any problems with it drifting.

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