• Doggie shampoo, normal dog skin-acidity isn't the same a humans.
  • We've tried the doggy shampoos but don't really like them. We wash all our dogs and horses with suave lavender. it helps calm the animal, does a good job, and doesn't dry them out. It rinses out well which is where you run into the most problems with shampoo and skin problems. We have paint horses and it really gets the white clean.
  • I have tried human shampoo on my dogs but it only dries out the skin. Baby shampoo is the worst. Depending on how old your dog is I would use the new hertz dog shampoo line and pick one that fits your needs. I used the oatmeal shampoo on my older dogs with dry skin and it worked pretty good. You want something that rinses clean and does not leave stuff on the skin to make the dog scratch.
  • Buy a tearless/puppy shampoo and try that.

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