• Not really, but your user name does give me pause.
  • Religious affiliation, or lack there of, makes no different in how I see another person.
  • Nope, the fact you cant spell opinion helps, I'd buy you a beer anytime :-)
  • Honest to God, it makes no difference to me... :)
  • I believe that other people's religious beliefs or lack of them are none of my business. The only time I get annoyed is when the ultra-religious use this site to ridicule those of other beliefs or atheists and when atheists do the same to the religious. I don't know why they can't all just get on with their own lives.
  • what the heck, why should it bother me, are you a nice person, if you are I like you
  • Nope, I never worry about someone's religious beliefs...or lack thereof, unless they try to force their ideas on me.
  • no, im athiest also and i know alot of people do have different feelings about it. like my family is very religious and some take pity on athiests, idk why, but they think athiests are depressed and bitter people with no faith and ive also been told that athiests are ignorant sinners.
  • Well, I didn't have much of an oppinion to change, so no. :)
  • No,it's your choice, everyone has that right.
  • Nope. :)
  • Nope, if you're a nice guy, you're a nice guy. I don't go to church, but I do have belief in a superior being, I'm just not sure what that is yet. Everyone is entitled to believe as they so desire. I mean, that is one of the principles this country was founded on - freedom of religion or freedom FROM religion as the case may be.
  • Not at all. I respect your beliefs and all I ask is that you respect mine. I won't try and convert you and you don't try and convince me I'm wrong....and we'll get along just fine. :-)
  • Nah. But I feel like trying to offend you just because you said it'd be hard ;) Anyways, makes so difference at all.
  • Certainly not! Why should it? That would be ridiculous. Each of us has the right, duty and obligation to live our lives in a way that makes sense to us. We have no right to assume we are so perfect that we can tell others how to live their lives. We are all one knows the final destination..people hope, believe, whatever..but no one knows. :)
  • I couldn't care less if you're an atheist.
  • nope, i give everyone the benefit of the doubt. everyone is cool in my eyes till they prove otherwise ;) i'm also quite hard to offend as well ;)
  • You will corrupt children, argue against common-sense, break all laws and encourage anarchy, increase suffering and all the other bollocks we get the blame for from religous zelots.
  • Booze Hound I don't know you all that well and haven't really seen you disrespect anyone's opinions of views so to me wyou are ok and I could care less that you don't believe in God. Lt's make a deal I won't try to convince you that he exists as long as you respect my right to believe in him.
  • Not at all :)
  • No, not at all. What's important to me is the content of your questions and answers and your respect for the rights of others.

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