• Dont prods stuff inside the machine ull probably scratch the disk or.. try to use a paperclip on the label side of the disk and hook the hole in the middle of the disk could work
  • Yup, same here. Multiple disks + 2 year old. Here is what made them come out for me: When I hit eject, my console made a slight rat rat rat sound. I used another disk to gently prod into the slot while hitting eject (multiple times). I could feel the other disks spinning or vibrating inside the console. The gentle prodding (at a slight upward angle) made one of the disks come out a bit and I could pull it out. Not sure why this worked... Anyway, a second disk came out, and then to my surprise a third. The console works fine again.
  • Same thing with my PS3 this morning. My almost two year old managed to cram 4 discs in the slot while the machine was powered off. The 4th disc was slightly sticking out, so I pulled that out before powering on. Once powered on, got the same rat-rat-rat sound when ejecting, no matter how long I held the eject button down. I was able to remove the discs by using a pair of really flat, flexible tweezers. The kind that come in a computer repair toolkit. Regular tweezers had too much of a bow in them to fit in the slot loader. I also tried to chopstick the discs out with a pair of butter knives. I pulled two discs out at once, and once there was only one disc in the machine, I turned it on, and it loaded then ejected just fine. PS3 seems to be in perfect working order.
  • Thank you thank you thank you - Apparently 2 year old's have a thing for shuving multiple discs into PS3's. Came back from the bathroom to find mine stitting next to the consule w/ multiple empty cases surrounding him. I tried the option of using another disc to press down while hitting the eject button. I was unable to unlodge the (3) he had inserted & the system now works as normal.

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