• G'day Joe Cool, Thanks for your question. No ,it doesn't. I think it's rude to make general negative comments about someone else's body. It shouldn't be about your and anybody else's body. Regards
  • It shouldn't be, but is for some people. Some don't even realize they're being exclusiatory. When and if some get to know a person, the body means a lot less to them. (That doesn't mean they don't want a HEALTHY friend or more, but...)
  • yeah it's unfortunate when people have to drag you down and make you feel worse about yourself..i know how that feels. some people are just heartless.
  • i used to think that as well... and still do so many times but what truly matters is how you feel about your body... if it was always about the body than only pretty, handsome, slim people would be happy in relationships or in life generally. and look at the world around you: some are happy, some are unhappy an it really doesnt have anything to do with the looks. I am not trying to prove to you that people dont judge by appearnace-- they do (we do), but there is so much more than what we were given by nature. If you take good care of your body and appreance (like always staying clean, wearing tidy clothes etc)than nobody will notice the negative aspects... a lot of us just give up to easily. We think: im ugly/fat etc and nothing is going to change it... its not true!! In the long run your body does not matter, but the way you look/dress tells a lot about who you are... whether you want it or not...
  • Not in society's eyes. In this effed up world, all that counts is how you look. Unless you're gay or lesbian, in that case, it counts what you do in the privacy of your own home.
  • You're hanging around the wrong people.
  • I first ran into that as a developing teenager when I grew huge breasts. It didn't matter what age the guy, young or old, the first place most looked was at my chest and some of them never looked up when we talked. It sure ruined any confidence I had been trying to develop:-( I guess that is one of the reasons I didn't mind gaining weight. It hid them with the rest of me though they are still the first place any weight gain jumps on lol! I finally did find people that look past the physical and who love you for yourself. If I'm at one end or the other of the scale, they are there for me and I feel loved and appreciated for the person I am. It's sometimes hard to find that group of people. Wish people wouldn't be so judgmental about everything, color, race, size, sex, but they do, not even realizing it.
  • yeah i know and its not just about your body its about everyone's body too its just the way society is, its not right but i don't see that changing soon.
  • Actually, it's just all about that ass.
  • maybe they dont realize that

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