• Creepy. Did he say why he was calling if he won't give you any information to get your purse back? If it were me, I would call the police. Too many weirdos. I hope you get it back.
  • That sounds like a good idea to me. Go for it.
  • Definately go to the police!
  • Definitely call the police. This is creepy.
  • Yes, calling the police is a good idea. Alternatively, you could set up a time and place to retrieve the purse - a public place - and make sure you bring a group of friends with you without telling him. If one is a bouncer, even better. :o) Tell him you want to "show him your thanks in person" for returning your purse. If he jumps to conclusions about a money reward or something else, that's his problem. Do NOT go into details, say that "you'll just have to see in person." When you meet, make sure you thank him profusely - and that's all. Best of luck!
  • I also would go to the police.
  • Call the police. This guy is nasty and potentially dangerous.
  • I found a lady`s purse once and the only number I found in it was her aunt`s. I called the aunt to say I found the purse. She called the lady who called me. I said I would meet her in a public place with the purse to return it. There were some valuables in the purse that were worth returning, like a subway pass and other stuff. We met and she came with like 3 male friends. This did not bother me. I gave her the purse and explained how I found it. I did not expect any sort of reward, I just thought it was the right thing to do. She seemed happy enough and we parted.
  • I would call the police too. Keep us posted!
  • Yes, Call the police and in the mean time cancel your credit cards and debit cards, or call your bank and tell them your purse was stolen so that they can monitor any activities on your accounts or with your social security number (if you keep that in your purse) Because even if he does return the purse he could still have all your card numbers and other info.
  • Call the police because if you know he has it, most likely it would be considered stolen property because he is making no attempt to bring it back to its rightful owner. Since you know his number, go to and go to the Reverse Phone Search. Doing this might be able to help you locate his address.
  • He is probaly some perverted stalker who stole your purse. Be happy he will not give you his address, you wouldn't or shouldn't go to his place anyway.
  • Police sounds good. What is it this person wants if it's not to give you your purse back and perhaps hope for a reward?
  • Definitely call the police, i hope you did the obvious and cancelled your cards if you had any in there.
  • I am curious to know how this unfolded....did you get your purse back?
  • I'm curious to know what you did about this. I would have called the police.
  • You definitely want to call the police. They can trace the phone.
  • Do It, go to the Police. If the guy has your purse he knows where you live also. Sounds creepy to me.

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