• I think it depends on personal style. If I was wearing a bold colours in my outfit, I would probably wear a neutral colour shoe so that I don't look too clownish. If the colours I was wearing were subtle and if I don't have shoes that match a particular colour in the outfit that I'm wearing, I make sure that I'm wearing some kind of accessory that will match the shoes. Right now I'm into contrasting colours so if my outfit was two different solid colours, I would wear a different colour shoe. Check out what stacey and clinton have to say...
  • I hate it when people wear too much of one color. Do NOT match shoes and accessories to the most dominent color in the outfit. Try mixing different colors in, and try not to wear too much of the same tone, like if your wearing black and dark purple or whatever, go with a lighter shoe and accessorie.
  • Your shoes should match what you're wearing. Not necessarily exactly the same colour, different shades of the same colour are good. Accessories should not match, but contrast. They are the points of interest that give your outfit an individual look. Use accessories to show your personality & character.

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