• I live in a very quiet house. It's just us two and no one ever comes over...well, not very often. that is the same kind of house I grew up in too.
  • I am still in high school and therefore still dependant on my parents. It's still very much like the home I grew up in.
  • I bought my house fairly recently, and only just decorated part of it. I like to think of it as a pit stop/haven for my friends, after a bad day at work!
  • I live in a 3 bedroom beach cottage built in definitely needs updating, but the rent is reasonable and I'm 2 blocks from the beach...... My friends are always welcome, and announced or unannounced, as long as they don't expect me to play hostess. You show up unannounced, make your own damn sandwich and get your own damn beer....but we always have people over, and I like it that way. I love my friends. My neighborhood is relatively quiet, but that'll change as we move into summer. It gets kind of crazy here at the beach in the summer months. I'll have to block off my driveway so random people won't park there to go to the beach, and on the weekends, out come the crazy drunks! And it's pretty different from the houses I grew up in, which were mostly 2 story Colonials, with very traditonal furnishings. My mother and I could not be more different in our decorating styles.......
  • when i grew up i lived in a house where everyone was welcome, all the time. we even lived in that same house with 2 other families for a few years. (commune-style, but without the creep factor) now i live alone with my boyfriend, in an apartment. its much much much quieter here, but we do have 7 friends over every Wednesday to play RPG's with.
  • Hacienda style. No. No. Yes. No. No. :)
  • 3 bedrooms. kinda loud. usually goofy. somewhat messy. nobody shows up unannounced unless they're my friends at the last minute (still living at home, so at times phone calls are like "mom so-and-so's going to be here in about 5 minutes"..."ok just wash the dishes") don't always have friends over because i'm usually out with them and then we crash at their house (their houses are bigger and can better suit 6-16 of us) same house i grew up in. at times it's chaotic and stressful. what house isn't...
  • a happy home, we are most content. It's quiet (just myself, Husband and son) and of course, the 7 felines!!
  • I live in a townhouse a block from the beach in Southern California. Seldom does anyone show up unannounced. They used to when my kids lived at home, but now it seems everyone is busy with their husband, wife, kids, grandkids, and we make plans to see each other. Since I live alone, my house is very quiet and I like that, actually. But I miss the energy when one of my kids or grandkids was living here. That doesn't mean I desperately want them back. :) I grew up on a farm in the country in the Ozarks, so this is pretty far from that. What a great way to grow up, however.
  • No it is totally different. I live in the house with my son and my wife. Two of my wife's co workers live with us also. I am surrounded by 3 lovely filipino girls.
  • Our home is comfy but not alot of visitors... we arent the hang out house at all.. its our haven and we find it sort of off putting when people come over, it feels like an intrusion. Odd I guess :)
  • Our house is more welcoming to strangers than it is to each least that's how my father is. he wouldn't mind to be bothered by a friend of his or a co-worker...but his daughter, son or wife...better stay away.
  • have been through several life-syle changes but grew up (to the extend I grew up) in a fairly big house on a fairly big lot in in a medium sized southern city. currently live in a relatively small (1,800 sq. ft) duplex in a big city. but given that it's just the cat and me we have plenty of room. still have trees, squirrels and birds. friends come by periodically-not real big of drop ins. will probably end up in old family house.
  • That's an awful lot of questions, lady!
  • A really shitty apt in NYC. Everyone is welcome, so long as I buzz them in. People show up unannounced, we are rowdy, I'm very rarely alone, and totally different from the house I grew up in, which was much much much larger.
  • Total different from what i was brought up in, more like a church. Quiet, 15 acres and nobody comes to visit.
  • I stay with my girlfriend in a house where all the time people come in without being asked. No privacy at all ! I would like to know in what countries a Dutch boy and a Thai girl (marriage is possible) can live without visaruns and can stay as long as they want ? Who can ask this question to me ? My contactdetails can be found in skype oignace or

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