• She gave you "lip service" and nothing else. It's good when you see what a person is really like and then you can shake them off with no guilt. Shame on her for the way she acted towards you. She will get her reward "two fold".
  • Simple answer is no im afraid a real friend would have been there for you at the drop of a hat through such a difficult period, im very sorry for your loss and hope your true friends and your family are helping you through. Like Sherrif said shake her off!
  • She probably was just trying to look like she was helping, however, she may honestly feel that you need to work some things out yourself. Perhaps she thinks that you would use her to forget about your troubles instead of working on them. I don't know for sure, since I don't know the woman, but think through both senerios; either she just wanted to look good, or she's really looking out for what's best for you. Which sounds more like her? Why don't you ask her why exactly she refused?
  • Not a friend of any kind, not even fairweather. She wants to look helpful and friendly but not put herself out or giving in anyway. Sets herself up as judge of YOUR need for help when how could she possibly know?
  • NO! She sounds like a huge jerk! If I were you, I would confront her and tell her that not only have you decided that you don't want or need her help any more, you also don't want or need her friendship, if you can even call it that! I would tell her to lose your number and never to contact you again, and that if she were a REAL friend to you, she would have helped you- no questions asked- instead of "judging" whether or not your problem was serious enough for her to chip in and help you out. You don't need people like that in your life, especially after what you've just been through with losing your mother. You need friends who are kind and compassionate towards you during your grieving time, and who will be there for you to help you with whatever it is you need. I'd drop her like a hot potato and never speak to her again- right after telling her exactly what you think of her boorish behavior! Best of luck to you- and my condolences to you regarding your mother. I just lost my father a few months ago, so I know what you're going through, and I hope you're doing all right.

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