• From the official website of the government of Uganda: Official language English Other languages Swahili, Luganda
  • the official language is English, but only because it helps the government with foreign trade. The language actually spoken varies depending on where you are at. The more urban and economically stable areas will most likely speak at least some english. the more remote areas will primarily speak their tribal language, the most common is Luganda from the Ganda people. They may also speak Swahili for trade purposes in the markets. www.Buganda.come is a good resource for cultural study of the Ganda people group (the country name, Uganda, is the Swahili form of Buganda, which is what the Ganda refer to themselves as in the Luganda language).
  • English
  • The official language of Uganda is English, but they also speak Luganda and Swahili.
  • 2-23-2017 Africa is not a little village in the jungle. It has one fifth of the world's land, one sixth of the world's countries, and one seventh of the world's population, speaking up to 3,000 languages depending on how you count. Africa is this big: With an average of 75 languages per country, you should not expect everybody in any country to speak the same language.

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