• bluetooth/infrared if you have it
  • There are websites that have free ringtones that you can download to your phone.
  • The USB cord connects the phone to your PC. Lacking that, you have to use another sort of connection: either bluetooth connection to your PC (if your PC has bluetooth connection ability)...or Wifi connection to the internet. On the internet, try the "store" for your phone and look for free ring tones.
  • You don't need a cord or Bluetooth. Turn on your mobile data and you can download ringtones from the Google Play Store or the one that services iPhone. A good one to try is Zedge (you can access them online as well).
  • why do you think you need a usb cord to do that? Have you read the instructions for your phone?
  • My phone picks up fm radio with no USB cord, but you do need earphones for an antenna.

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