• It sounds like you're dehydrated, so drink more water - at least 2 pints a day.
  • Don't know about you, but mine chap when the humidity goes way down, like in winter.
  • r u diabetic? cuz if u are wen ur blood sugar is high ur mouth and lips r constantly dry. Water always helps to.
  • When we replace our bodies natural moisturizers, like the ones found in the lips, our bodies decreases prouction. So- when you stop using those other products, you lips are dry and crack. It will eventually reregulate itself, but tou have to stop using the other products for a while.
  • Drink LOTS more water. PLAIN water! Other drinks just don't hydrate as well. Also try putting a steam kettle on the stove in your home, or use a humidifier!
  • don't use chap stick... use another brand like the ones that come in a lil round container
  • it might be cause its wintertime

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