• Croutching eye level to see their lawn and how much it has grown.
  • Their teenage girl stays up all night laughing and yelling in the backyard. Then I see her leave for school in the morning. I wonder what stimulates her to stay up all night.......hmm
  • My neighbour has two cars and a work van - he swaps his cars around to make sure that when he goes out he can reserve another parking space, in front of my house, for when he comes back. He has a driveway that will accommodate at least two of his vehicles but that is often clear while he has a car parked in front of each of the houses either side. If he misses his spot and someone else parks there he waits behind his curtains until they move and then runs (yes runs!) out to move one of his cars and reclaim the spot.....
  • I saw my neighbor walking around in my back yard one night. It kind of freaked me out at first until I found out what he was really doing. He was playing a joke on us. He stuck a pink flamingo in our yard because we told him about a wild turkey walking through our yard earlier that day. He asked us what we were drinking that day. I guess he gave us the pink flamingo because he couldn't get a pink elephant.
  • I have a wrap around porch on the front of my house, where sometimes I will sit and watch the world go by. Well one day my neighbor across the street was replacing his mailbox. He did not know that I was on my porch. He is a truck driver and the new mailbox he was installing was made to look like a mack truck. I watched him for about thirty minutes trying to get this mailbox installed and I was just about to go inside when all of the sudden I heard this terrible smashing noise because he had gotten so frustrated that he had taken the pole the new Mack truck mailbox was attached to and was bringing it up over his head and smashing it into the ground. I had to run inside to keep from bursting into hysterics. After I composed myself I peeked out the window to see if he was still at it, and there where the mailbox should be was this mangled up piece of mack truck looking hunk of metal. I laugh about that to this day.
  • I have these neighbors from China and from the second story of my house I always see them doing karate kid esq exercises in their backyard. It kind of looks like they are fighting the air in ultra slow motion. =P
  • They drag corpses into their garage and in the morning there are bags with red stains on the street ... oh wait, I think that was a movie.
  • Trimming their grass with scissors. They do this all along their driveway.
  • skin a deer in their front yard........ YUCK!!!!
  • Our neighbors are usually standing in their backyard, openly watching us do our yardwork. It drives me nuts, they won't ever come over and talk to us but I guess they get a kick out of what we are doing. They are funny about mowing their lawn though. Even if he mowed 1-2 days before, if we mow he will get his lawnmower out and mow again. How dare his grass be taller than ours. ha ha
  • My neighbor must have mental health issues. He comes home in the evening and immediately starts yelling loud enough for me to hear, even with my TV turned up. He yells about some effing bee or effing hoe calling the cops on him. I was unaware that insects and gardening implements were able to use the telephone. He also yells in the hallway till I open up my apartment door and tell him to turn that filthy mouth down. Other stuff goes on to make me think he belongs in the asylum, but I won't bore you with that.
  • My next-door neighbor, who apparently doesn't believe in investing in window blinds, likes to walk around her house completely nude. And before you get too excited, boys, let me add that she's 85 if she's a day.....I never knew jiggly bits could sag THAT much...... The way our houses are situated, I have a pretty good view of the entire back of her house....more than once I have gotten an eyeful as she knits while naked, makes a sandwich while naked, feeds her cat while get the idea. Anyway, we now keep our blinds/curtains CLOSED...we've been traumatized enough already.
  • Staring at me through a crack in the fence.That was creepy.
  • I don't really have neighbors now, but I had one when I lived in an apartment that wiped his dogs a** every time he took the dog out. When I was moving out, my mom was on the balcony helping me move boxes out of the storage room and she saw this. She couldn't contain herself and yelled to her BF to come look at this guy wiping his dog's a**. Of course the guy heard this and he scowled at me every day until I was moved out. I didn't get why he did this. The dog didn't appear to have any issues that would make this necessary. Then again, these people had plastic on every piece of furniture they owned AND paper covers on their car seats. Taking neat freak to a whole new level I guess.
  • Maybe this isn't unusual by today's standards, but about 20 years ago, I saw my former neighbors making out on their car hood at about 2 AM. I think they had just come home from a party, and I don't think it was a kid's birthday party, either.
  • We are the weird neighbours.
  • When I lived in Florida, my next door neighbor, was a playmate, and an exhibitionist, she always left her curtains opened, one day, she was having sex with her boyfriend, and he was wrapping her up like a mummy, that was different. She would get her mail, in a towel, chase her dog around the neighborhood in her nightie. Now my next door neighbors, 25 years old, there bathroom window faces my house, and you can see pretty well, when they are taking a shower, I told them last year, but nothing has changed, hehehe..
  • The old lady across the street sweeps the sidewalk.
  • I saw my robotic neighbor actually playing with his son the other day. It was pretty funny to watch, considering that he has the personality of a cumquat
  • the old ladies next door leave their door open. With the way things are, how the hell are you gonna leave the door open.
  • Well, it is something that I never technically saw, but heard. I lived in an apartment complex in college, and my neighbors across the street thought that it would be funny to shoot BB's at my front door from their balcony. There were indentations on my door, and little pellets all over the place. In retrospect, it's pretty hilarious!
  • I have seen my neighbor drive a forklift, carrying 2 tons of scrap metal in a dumpster.
  • i saw my neghbor doin my other neighbor preety sick left the window open
  • Doing it in the bushes by the side of a popular highway. You could hear the grunting and groaning after the cars went by.
  • okay... so i live in an apartment... 8th floor... and my neighbor cant stand the "sigarette scent" in the hallway... she comes out every fucking day and sprayes ALOT of her so called "perfume" wich smells like the stuff you use to put in the washer to clean your clothes... and you cant breath there after she sprayed... oh i thought she was wierd already... but one day.... i was going outside... and i saw her... you know what.... she was THROWING THE NEWSPAPER OUT THE WINDOW!!! i was like wtf... we got garbage ya know... and it was the little window...wich is.. well... its just wierd.. seeing her trying to force those newspapers out the window...
  • Mowing the lawn in her underwear..
  • Going to work;)...I'm from Michigan

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