• Sell Real Estate, invent a new way to navigate the internet, write a best selling book, discover a new, free energy source, marry a rich person, beg on the streets, get a job as an aid to a handicapped person.
  • You wrote 3000 thousand, which is 30,000,000, or thirty million. Thirty million in what currency are you talking about… and graduation from what?
  • theres a few jobs you can earn good money at without going to school. i hope youmean college and not high need high school for mostly anything now. some factory work or trades make goodmoney.youwill have to do an apprenticeshipbut it takes a lot less longer and less money that college.
  • work for it
  • There are actually many ways to earn money without being graduated. Of course it is good to follow a study and graduate, but it is a piece of paper after all and many wealthy people in the world like the deceased Steve Jobs, who dropped out from college and still became very successful. be creative and focus on the things you are good at or you find interesting. For me this is cryptocurrency trading. I did not study for stock exchanging and did not know anything about it but decided to focus on this and do my best to learn everything about it. Yes it takes a lot of time and you will need to spend a lot of hours behind the computer doing research before you will make some money, but I made over 30000 USD in 6 months time. To get you started: start with focussing on privacy based coins like Verge, DeepOnion and Monero. Privacy is getting more and more popular worldwide so these type of coins increase in price fast. Verge and Monero are older projects already, so harder to get 800% ROI on those ones, but DeepOnion is just 5 months old, undervalued and growing fast... They will release many new features and innovations in the next few months so now is the perfect time to start investing in it, especially now you can buy them cheaper due to the huge drop of bitcoins...
  • Get a job.
  • Many entry level jobs will pay that.
  • Driving a truck (tractor-trailer) can bring you as much as $50,000-$100,000 per year without a dimploma. You only need to be able to read and understand the rules of the road.
  • A good sales job with good commission can make a lot of $$$ if you are good at sales.

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