• It sounds like you are dealing with dominance issues. I am thinking that the younger one is challenging the older one for dominance. The best solution is for YOU to assert dominance and establish that they are BOTH subordiant. There are different ways to establish that you are dominant and it ranges from making them obey you to taking them on walks to making them work together to please you. and when they do get into fights you need to break up the fights CONFIDENTLY AND QUIETLY. If they see you get all flustered when they fight it will show that you are a weak leader and they won't respect you as dominant. Cesar Milan has dealt with stuff like this on his show and there is a lot of info on the web about establishing dominance. You do need to get this under control because it can be dangerous. Watch them closely for SMALL signs that they are testing each other. Also try to figure out if there is something that triggered the fights, was it over food? a toy? etc? I have one that just gets mean over toys sometimes (only to the other dogs, never to humans) so when I see her starting to get nasty she gets 1 warning and then if she keeps it up I take the toy!
  • The young one is trying to become the dominant one :)
  • Get help from a professional, it's hard to see who's to be supported and who's not. It's interresting to know wheter they fight when they are alone.
  • I agree with the other answers. I had two dogs and one started to try for dominance so I observed them closely and when the trouble started I fired a powerful water pistol into the face of the aggressor (the youngest too, as it happened. This had an astonishing effect of shocking and subduing the dog instantly. If she went back for more after getting over the shock she got fired at again. The problem was solved quite quickly and didn't recur again.

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