• I assume interstate. If not, I was for four months or so. Otherwise my mom, who pulls into the breakdown lane whenever a tractor trailer passes. She also fails to grasp the concept of merging.
  • *raises hand* I HATE it. I'm okay if it's a downtime... but driving Florida interstates and tollways during rush hour is ASKING for a collision and/or a three-hour wait in the blazing heat. I have to admit, I'm more afraid of getting sunburn and heatstroke and running out of gas than I am a collision.
  • My Mom! I took her on a trip to Southern California, and I did the driving. She almost soiled herself because they have "roads with 8 lanes!!!!".
  • My mom. She is not only afraid to drive beyond a certain distance from her house, anyone who rides with her should be afraid as well. My mom used to drive anywhere and everywhere, but she is in her seventies now and will tell you herself that she has no business driving where she is not completely familiar or in heavy traffic.
  • My step mom is. She was in a really bad car accident and ever since she's been a very nervous driver. She won't drive on the highway at all!
  • My wife. She is a very good, defensive driver, but the other wild drivers make her panic. this bothers her, so i do most of the highway and interstate driving.
  • I know many people that feel that way. And I am not to most comfortable at it but I do okay most of the time.
  • My wife. For years, she was utterly unable to exceed 30 MPH due to fear that she wouldn't be able to react in time at faster speeds. Of course, we also live on a notorious highway that makes even me a little skittish at times.
  • I've never driven in my life.. I'd be scared to death.
  • YA! My mum, she wont even drive at all now and when other people driver her around she refuses to let them get on highways, they have to take back roads and such. She won't even come to visit me in MD because the Beltway scares her so much, I think there's still fingerprints in the dashboard from the one time she came here
  • My sister will not drive on a highway. She had a near accident many years ago.
  • Yes I do know someone scared to drive on a high way . Me. I find driving really nerve wracking. I can just about muster enough nerve to drive on a really deserted country road during the day.
  • probably lots of people, im scared to drive at all which is why i dont have a driver's license

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