• Because I am a perfect fit for the job description. Because my skills exactly match what you are looking for. Because you aren’t going to find anyone better suited or more prepared to jump in and make a positive contribution. Because I want to work for you and you are looking for someone exactly like me…so I am the candidate you’re looking for.
  • I am dedicated, reliable, very qualified, and I am sure that I would be a tremendous asset to your organization.
  • I am interested in applying for this position since I believe that I meet the qualification and skills for this position
  • I always wanted to be a lumberjack. Leaping from tree to tree! As they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia! With my best girl by my side! The Larch! The Pine! The Giant Redwood tree! The Sequoia! The Little Whopping Rule Tree! We'd sing! Sing! Sing! "I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK..." (you know all the rest)

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