• Sounds like you need a lawyer. Everyone seems to think that they don't need a lawyer when the divorce is uncontested. This is often a costly mistake. Even though you and your spouse agree now, it doesn't mean you will agree in the future. A lawyer's job is to make sure that the divorce decree is written to include everything. This ensures that there you won't be brought back to court in the future for something you had agreed upon, but wasn't sufficiently included in the decree. Also, you say you are puzzled on the paperwork. This is what an attorney does: assist people with the law. You can go to a paralegal service which will fill out the forms, but a paralegal cannot give legal advice. Thus, all they can legally do is write what you tell them in the boxes. One final thought. If your divorce is uncontested, an attorney will be relatively cheap. You can even hire one attorney for the two of you just to draft the forms to ensure they reflect your actual wishes. Note: if you do this and the divorce becomes contested, the lawyer will not be able to represent either of you.
  • Call the court house and ask if there is a pro se office to help you fill out forms

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