• Have you had him tested for learning disabilities such as dyslexia and sequencing disorders? There could be absolutely nothing wrong, either. Some children learn differently; auditory vs. verbal learners, etc. It would be worth a conference with the teacher, and perhaps a request for some special testing.
  • 5-23-2017 You teach a kid to read by sitting him on your lap and reading to him. That happens about age 3 or 4.
  • You need to get him a better tutor and also be more diligent. Just because you managed does not mean he will.
  • Troubles with sequencing and central auditory processing can leave a child at a disadvantage in learning phonics. If your child had a speech "delay" and can't spell a word consistently three times in a single paragraph, even if it is copied from a word bank, have him tested for central auditory processing disorder with an audiologist. It may seem counterintuitive that spelling is related to verbal processing, but if CAPD is found, request educational services from the school such as "earobics" or similar phonics training. Also encourage your son to try music class.
  • The only way to know for sure is to have him tested.

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