• When he slapped me across the face in 5th grade
  • Sophomore year of High School, I was taking a class for fun. I'd taken Honor's Chemistry Freshman year, and Sophomore year, we'd switched to term scheduling, where we took less different classes every day, but we took them for longer times, and finished in half the year, and took different classes the second half of the year. So, I'd taken Honor's Chemistry Freshman year, first half of Sophomore year, I took Physics I. Second half of the year, I signed up for Earth Science. (I thought it might expand my Geology knowledge a bit) I learned that this was the class they sent the idiots to, as the teacher was barely smarter than most of the students there. The f***ing idiot actually told the class that volume was defined as the amount of water a container can hold. By his definition, a boulder the size of King Kong has no volume. Volume is the space that matter occupies.
  • Getting six of the best with the Cane.
  • To be honest, it was with my son's first grade teacher. She singled him out as a trouble-maker and was very unkind to him. No other teachers had these issues with him. She would send a notebook home EVERY day with complaints about him, such as "Eli got done with his worksheet before the other children and tapped his pencil on his desk". She had a screw loose, and should not be working with six year olds.
  • I once got bitchslapped. It was common back then.
  • i had a math teacher in my first year of high school who just plain disliked me. okay, given i was talkative, but no more than my peers. one day she lost it with me infront of the class and told me that for someone with such low grades (sucked at math, partly her fault) i shouldnt have time to talk in class and drew a white circle on the black board. she then told me to stand infront of the class at the board and put my nose in the center of the circle until the lesson was over :(
  • When I was in 6th the teacher was going over the lesson..I was writing down answers in my book...she caught me and came over to me and wrote CHEATER really big on my forearm..Lol and back then my parents did nothing!! If a teacher did that to my child in this day and age..We would have biiiiiig problems!
  • My most negative experience with a teacher was my 12th grade Calculus teacher. She was mean. And I would try to come to her for Calc help, and she wouldn't have any part of it. She said things like "Fiddlesticks".... I have no idea how I passed that God-awful class. I used to cry a lot. LOL.
  • I was quite advanced in math from an early age. I received the chance in 8th grade to go a year ahead in Math and start HS algebra. My "regular" math teacher, when she heard of this, asked if I was bored in her class. Well, I told her the truth. It turns out that she told all the other teachers in the lounge that I told her I was bored with her teaching (vs. responding to a question). My history teacher ratted her out to me, thank goodness. I still got into the advanced math class and went on to be a Math major. :o) I thought her behavior was petty and vindictive.
  • A.) getting kicked out of class almost every other day during 8th grade geometry B.) having my flute case thrown across the classroom and having to call my mother because i was reading a book in the middle of his rant and rave C.) arguing with my choir teacher every single day and getting threatened to be sent to the office but then not because i was the lead of the alto or soprano sections (depending on the year) and she couldn't afford to not have me at practice because then none of us would listen to her at all (we had a huge war to wage with that wretched woman for years...)
  • For punishment a teacher produced a magnifying glass and proceeded to solar burn my hand. This was back in the 50's.
  • she had me go to detention for beliving in God. The Question was ( How did the world come to be...) I anwsered ( God made the world. ) and I said it very nicely! She called me up and said that's VERY DUMB of you now go to the Detention hall!

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