• Yes, get rid of them as a friend
  • Well, you can listen to what they say if you want...but take it with a grain of salt. Here is a person who has proven to be untruthful time and again, and that has a consequence. Personally I wouldn't be mean to then, or a jerk or anything--I'd probably just be mechanical...diplomatic. Now, if this happens to be somebody I care about then I'd probably find a non-invasive way of calling them on it and really trying to get down to the bottom of why they feel they need to lie regularly.
  • Yep..remove them from your life. If someone lies to me once, that's it..they're gone. Why put up with someone who disrespects you and insults you like that? Dump 'em! :) Happy Thursday, m'dear! :) ((hugs))
  • Oh Momma Bear, if theres one thing that really gets to me its someone who lies.. and what i cant understand is these people who lie continually keep on doing it! I personally would tell them in no uncertain terms that im not interested in anything they have to say, as its usually crap anyway.. its horrible and i dont understand why some people do this.
  • Oh sweetness! Like the others answering here, I would recommend that you 'get rid of these people immediately.' ALL of us have standards which we have an obligation to up-hold: impeccable honesty is just one of them. If we do not hold ourselves individually responsible for values and mores we believe contribute not only to the development of sincere and continuing, respectful civilization -- all who are required to practice the elements that prevent [any of us] from being corruptible (in an easily corruptible world) -- who would we be but liars, thugs and thieves? This next might be difficult: while you mention 'the people [who] lie to you over and over, then come up with excuses ...' it is YOU who have virtually allowed them to continue. Yes, everyone has some sort of value, you know I believe this very strongly. But, it is up to each individual to absolutely not tolerate or keep close ANY ONE who behaves in this manner. Yes, we all err. Yes, we all make mistakes in judgment. That doesn't mean or include the right to lie ... ever. It doesn't mean that we don't forgive innocent errors or 'simple' stupidity in ourselves or others. We are not talking about this here. Of course, being the kind and generous human being you are, you have wanted and hoped these individuals 'to change.' This is not ever your job. It is theirs and theirs only. 'Keeping' them in your life is a kind of reward system. IF they can do it once, they can do it twice ... and more.' I don't believe in my heart you would ever want to support someone like that. Your beautiful energy can and should support only those other human beings who value YOU ... your standards and the standards that are not a big deal ... its the right path, way to be. Frankly, its simple. I can only hope and pray that you absolutely surround yourself with individuals who cherish you, who understand their 'duty' and 'obligation' to be a good, trustworthy human being. This is always and only earned by thought, word and deed. Hugging you: do not let any of these idiots take advantage of your good nature and your kind ways. This one is the part that is totally up to you!!!!
  • It most likely would. Don't you have the choice of associating with this person, though? You don't have to, you know.
  • If it is important for you to keep this person in your life, and to continue to interact with them, you should seek the help of a counselor to develop some tips on the best way to deal with it. That's what I did, and it has helped me to maintain a relationship that is very important to me.
  • Momma Bear, I know you are the kind of person who really wants to bring out the best in others and I think you hate to give up on them. I am guessing that this is someone you must have in your life whether you really want them there or not. I have someone in my life that I have no choice but to love them with all my heart, yet they told me so many lies it was heartbreaking. Finally, I sat down with them and told them that I knew they could not feel good about themselves when they lied and that I genuinely loved them whether they lied or not, but I couldn't forgive myself if I didn't do everything in my power to help them get the necessary help to be strong enough to always face the truth. It was a huge turning point for that person. She is now strong and truthful but it took quite a bit of work on her part to realize she didn't have to be all that for others to love her. Truth is very freeing.
  • What if they are not lying,and you are delusional? Have you proven that they've lied?
  • If someone keeps lying to you regularly, why do you keep talking to them?
  • No need to do anything, as when you've correctly identified such people then they are nothing more than entertaining noise. It's when you're taking the word of other people only, or are letting your prejudice decide these people are "liars" that you run into problems. Comedians, advertisers and TV personalities are liars - they even get paid for it. But you are not taking such people seriously or as gospel. If you do, then you're dimwitted and in trouble.
  • I won't vote for them for President.

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