• Yes, it's inappropriate in the workplace.
  • it depends on how he asked. I mean i do get slightly offened when people assume my religion. But i also dont like people prying/asking me what my religion is. So i guess in that situation i might have been.
  • I don't think I would be offended but I woul ask him what the hell that had to do with the price of tea in China.
  • It wouldn't offend me even though I am an athiest and generally hate when people mix religion with business but I would kinda wonder what treating me like crap had to do with my religious or non religious preferences
  • I would be bemused. Why on earth does that have bearing with their treating you badly?
  • I don't understand what one's religion or lack thereof has to do with anything in the office. So, your boss is a jerk and he wants to know if you are a Christian while he apologizes? Something is wrong there. Maybe he has a screw loose! :(
  • I don't think I'd be very offended, but it is illegal to directly ask that type of question by an employer. They cannot legally ask direct questions about your religion, your age, marital/family status, nationality, disabilities, sexual orientation, political affiliations, age...because those are questions that can be used to discriminate against you.
  • I would be put off definitely. And it would make me uncomfortable. Depending on the context of the question within the conversation, maybe even offended.
  • Fucken Aye
  • I would most definately be offended. It is against the law in Australia for any boss to ask what religion you are.
  • I think of a boss this way. They hold my job over my head. They can ask me whatever they want to, but if I feel that they can ruin my life because they don't like the answer and I need the job, I'm going to tell them whatever I need to. All bets are off as far as me being "honest" with them. They don't care about me, and I do not care one wit about their opinion anyway. They asked for the lie.
  • One's religious beliefs should not be brought up by a boss under any circumstances.
  • Yes, I would be offended, as one's religious persuasion should not be relevant in an apology! Was he hoping that he would be more easily forgiven by a christian? or was he hoping that you would just turn the other cheek and he could do it again and again? But regardless of that, I think it smacks of discrimination - would he have asked anyone else if they were christian? was he treating you differently because of your faith?

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