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  • I think it's a bit of both. There are some guys out there do like skinny women, some like women with curves/padding.Some guys I guess don't mind.I think some of them say they don't mind how cuddly you are, but really they do.
  • Most men I've come across like curves. But think skinny girls are good to look at. But in bed and to keep, curves is what I am told they want. All my friends are guys, so I've chatted about this a bit. :)
  • I guess it all depends on the guy... before me and my bf started dating i didnt think he would like me because hes super skinng and im curvey and weigh more than he does... but he says that he loves my curves... but differnt guys like different things...
  • As a guy myself, i find that girls that are too skinny is quite a turn-off. Many of my friends are the same. I definetly find curves more attractive and if you look at some of the most successful British models (ie. Kelly Brook etc) they are by no means skinny! But they are indeed very attractive women. At the end of the day, weight is by no means the main factor of attraction. Go curves!
  • As a guy I definitely like girls with meat on them, skinny girls are a turn off.
  • I like skinny women but I like average too.
  • All a question of taste, and tastes differ, as we all know. Being skinny is not the be all, end all of sexiness, though. If you take care of yourself, and carry yourself well, and are friendly, most guys will find you attractive.
  • Personally, I like 'em all... But skinny girls usually have less in the way of ... "fun bags" and hips. All else being equal, give me a "normal weight" woman.
  • I like 'em thick.:)
  • i dont think men like SKINNY SKINNY girls...that's kinda gross just like how us women dont like skinny skinny men. (except me).
  • I think you answered your own question by using the word "Normal" in it's phrasing. Stay hot!
  • I think it depends on who you ask. Just like with women, men have their own personal preferences. I know guys who go for the skinny girls with no butt, no much as I know guys who swear by "normal" balanced (proportionate) women. I also know men who like women who are bigger.
  • Just average healthy weight please. I put the emphasis on healthy.
  • there is a very fine line between being skinny and being too skinny,the same way as there is between being curvy and being fat, either exreme is bad but I would prefer someone be a little chubby than too skinny.
  • On my life, I swear to you right here and now: I don't like girls that are too skinny!! I really mean it. I'm not just saying that to make you feel better. Women with some curves and some meat, that's definitely preferable. I don't want some Twiggy-esque supermodel type. Anything between say, Michelle Pfeiffer and Mae West works for me.
  • It really depends. Athletic-skinny is pretty hot, but guys do realize that photoshop exists. The first three: pretty hot. Second three: not so hot.
  • My tastes tend to be different than most guys (at least that I know of), but I tend to prefer them athletic, which doesn't mean skinny in my book, because they usually have more muscle tone and less fat. Really skinny girls don't really do it for me because they look like they're starving themselves.
  • As a rule I like Big Beefy Guys... Like this.
  • *edit*
  • Guys will have some problems with extremes. So normal should not be a problem. I mean, BMI (Body Mass Index) in normal range. As long as the mode stayed by skinny models, many of the most beautiful women that you could see in the media were relativ skinny. And many men find beautiful women interesting. But modes are changing. I appreciate curves. Anyway, there are a lot of other factors to consider!!!
  • I know lots of guys who like thin girls (of course not malnourished looking) and also many guys who like thicker girls (still healthy though, just a bit heavier). Just depends on the guy! :)
  • "To have and to hold"... If there's nothing to hold, I don't wanna have!
  • Personally Idon't like skinny girls. I like women with a little meat on they're bones. When you hug them it dosen't feel like a little kid there.
  • I like a girl who's round around the edges.
  • There is a "girls girl" and a "guys girl". A "girls girl" is the super skinny waifs that the media thinks we should aspire to be like. We (girls) all look at them and think "Oh wow, she's so thin and clothes look great on her, I bet she's SO happy in life. I wish I looked like that *go's home and sulks over a pint of Ben and Jerry's*". And the "guys girl" is NORMAL. Maybe a bit thin, maybe a bit big, maybe in between. Whatever works for their body type! Confusing, huh!! As if men and women weren't difficult enough for each other!
  • Women should be 100 pounds for 5' and add 5 pounds per inch over 5', then they look good.
  • Every guy has their own taste. Also, every person has their definition of what is skinny and what is normal weight. Some guys hate skinny girls, so they love normal weight or overweight. Some guys love skinny girls so much that they think normal weight IS overweight. It all depends. But really, you should just make your own goal of your personal ideal weight and strive to it. Also, if weight is important in what you look for in a guy, then you might want to be at your ideal weight yourself. If weight is not so important in what you look for a guy, then don't look for the guy who does find that very important. You're 2 different kinds of people.
  • I'm not picky either way. So long as the girl isn't unhealthy looking.
  • I like skinny girls. They take care of themselves.When I say skinny I am talking healthy skinny. Not anorexic like Nicole Richie. I like them be just slightly less skinny than Victoria Beckham. I do think she is attractive but she is close to the line of being too skinny.
  • She is small enough to wear children's clothes. She was unable to fall pregnant without putting on some weight, nor recommence her career. The only round thing on her is her boobs - which are implants. She can weigh less than 100 lbs and is 5"5. Are you really saying she's not too skinny?
  • If I can see ribs, she's too skinny.
  • I like skinny girls and not-so-skinny ones. Depends on the individual girl.

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