• That would explain why a lot of women stay in abusive relationships. I can see my love though.
  • I think love is deaf, dumb and blind. Otherwise, the entire universe would remain single and relationship-free until they cease to exist.
  • I prefer this quote: Love is not blind. Love sees more. But because love sees more, it is willing to see less.
  • True love is not blind. Lust is blind. Sentiment is blind but love uses all it's senses
  • There is none so blind as he who will not see....we willingly overlook wrongdoing in those we love because we desperately want them to be good and kind and the person we built them up to be in our minds.
  • If love had 20/20 vision, the species would have died out A LONG time ago.
  • Not really blind. Just able to accept the faults in the person we love. Very necessary because we all have faults.
  • the last thing love is is blind. love sees everything, every flaw and every positive thing. but love accepts it all.
  • Love is blind in the sense we turn a blind eyeto our lovers faults :) good question
  • I guess I have 20/20 vision then.
  • Love isn't's just extremely busy sorting fates consistent f**k ups.
  • No love isn't blind, if anything love allows you to see clearly and allows you to forgive and accept more.
  • heres what i think
  • I think people are blind and a lot of them fall in love with each other. Sometimes you have to shut your eyes to be happy with the person you are with. Some use dating as a tool to find out what you need to do to fall in love. I think the majority stay in step 1 as long as humanly possible until they realize their actions have brought them dangerously close to never finding that true love. No one ever analyzes the phrase true love. Love that is true. What else is there to that phrase? Why is it that people use one habit as a wedge to split each other apart, when there is a barrel full more? How selfish is it to tell someone you wont change and you just want them to make you happy? Regardless of whether your gauge for right and wrong is based on society or some religion why can't two people that have already mutually agreed to be together..mutually agree to be together? The word together means to be in union. Put your emergency brake on in your car and make the decision not to go anywhere, now leave it on and make the decision to petal to the metal and go somewhere. It sure lasts at least a little while doesn't it. Now roll down your window to get rid of the smell, yay we improved our relationship. Now turn on the radio to drown out the squeaking, yay we improved our relationship. When we go to the store intent on buying food, are we worried about getting caught for stealing? No. When you fall in love with someone, should you be worried about how many kids they want? I believe the answer should be no. I think the word compromise means either someone won the argument or both agreed to be stubborn get half of what they wanted so neither would win. How selfish. When I find the right girl, we won't compromise. We will love. We will see the choice that is good, that is loving, blind to who thought of it, blind to who was wrong, because it wont matter. Our love will be blinding, we won't blind ourselves so that we can love.
  • I think that when you're with your lover it isn't a requirement to have to see............I can get by with just my hands.
  • i think that responsibility should be in love.lust n mbition are not love.5
  • I think it depends on what kind of love you are talking about, and what is meant by this statement. "Love is blind," is usually said to mean, "Love doesn't look at age, wealth, ethnicity, religion, etc..." So, when Juliet fell in love with Romeo, who is a member of her rival family, it could be said, "Well, you know, love is blind." In less poetic words, "Love doesn't think about things in adherence to one's traditional values." The statement can also be read to mean that when someone is in love they have a harder time looking at things objectively. This can also be true, especially in the first passionate months of a relationship when people are experiencing all of what has been called "new relationship energy," or "limerence." People will end relationships because of these feelings, feeling as if this new relationship energy is real love, and their love for their existing partner has faded. Since these feelings of newness do not last, even this next relationship will eventually feel more calmed down like the old one. In a cycle like this, someone is truly "blind," to do truth that lasting relationship require a deeper feeling of love than starry eyed romance.
  • Love is not blind, Lovers are blind. Lovers can only see themselves, and whats so wrong with that. At least they care deeply for each other.
  • I think you're right! My husband thinks I'm lovely first thing in the morning. Anyone who's ever seen me first thing knows that I am the opposite of lovely!
  • Love is like the belief in a god, you see what you want to see and nobody can tell you otherwise
  • At times we are so in love and so trusting of that person that we have blinders on and can not see the wrongs that they are doing right under our noses and eyes.
  • It's like anything else, a person can ever only see what they choose to see. Whether we choose to see that way because of hormonal response, education, personal preference, or some subconscious calculation is one thing, but all belief is ultimately a choice.
  • My advice is this; "Never make out by the garden gate, love is blind... but the neighbors aint."
  • People Say Love Is Blind Because being in Love lets you ignore all the wrong things that even your partne is doing. But wise it would be if the Love is true, where there is no form of fear of complaining and making them feel right and glad being with you. Love Is The Truest Expression, A Very True Emotion That Makes Life Worth Living...

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