• I would like to, but my workplace doess not allow dogs or cats.
  • My kids are still eggs in my ovaries, so technically I bring them every day.
  • No, children are not allowed to be in our facility. They have to be at least 13 years old in order to get permission to be here. We have tight security because of our industry.
  • No im at home but i feel sorry for people who are working it will also be difficult for single parents who work :( Im in the uk and i answered this because thursday is a teachers strike lol
  • I would love to, but I am sure my clients would not be happy about it.
  • I am a stay at home Mom and Daycare provider so my kids come to work with me everyday:) I went to work with my Mom once growing up. She worked at a Vets office and I remember sitting in the front waiting room all day watching CMT. It was incredibly boring, I wasn't allowed in certain parts of the office for obvious reasons, but I did get to play with the animals. In High School I ended up donating time to work in the clinic so maybe it gave me a head start?!
  • I have 3 teenagers and the last thing they'd want to do is spend the day with me at work. LOL I did it when they were in the later years of elementary school, though and they enjoyed it.
  • Considering that my YOUNGEST child is 36 and that I am retired military, that would be a real trick! : D
  • Thanks for the warning :-( Last year there must have been 75 'kids' invading my work space. Maybe I can hide in the media vault until the wee buggers leave.
  • No. I have the day off, so I rather take my children out and have fun rather than take them to work when I'm not supposed to be even there! Lol.
  • My kids are to old and thinking on it they could take me to their works instead lol.

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